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Since I stumbled upon Foundation Paper Piecing a few years ago, I have been completely smitten, and when I saw that Kristy was doing a zoo animal theme series, I couldn’t wait to make her macaw design. There must be something that attracts me to sewing intricately small, annoying pieces together, because no matter how time consuming and no matter how many times I have to unpick and redo, I don’t get tired of it!

Macaw front

I would say that is such an important tip, that practice makes perfect…never give up because it doesn’t work the first time, or the fifth time! It’s such a feeling of satisfaction to finally get it right, and see yourself improving.

This cushion is for my daughter, who is bird crazy, and not content with two live ones of her own, collects all manner of ornithological objects, books and dreams about the large aviary she will have one day. Hopefully I can forestall said aviary by making this cushion!

Macaw front


Said addiction by daughter is here evidenced by the ready supply of props available to use in the pic! Aren’t they cute!?

Posing birds

This was also the first time I’ve had a chance to try out the BSR on my new Bernina 750. I can’t believe I’ve had Nina for a whole year, and I’m still getting round to trying out all the features! Anyway, my verdict is that for a pretty new free motion quilter, the BSR does help, but is going to take some getting used to.

Here’s my stippling and boulder stitch, wonky and all, but hopefully adding a certain rustic charm!

Macaw side

Macaw closeup

This cushion was sewn in a great hurry as a surprise for my little miss, so it would be waiting for her when she arrived home from school camp! She absolutely loved it, and today it’s gone to school, to join in the class party and movie watching on the last day of school…


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