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I recently heard about a new online fabric shop called Dolly Henry, and was immediately captured by the gorgeous tiny florals that Megan stocks. She also writes a  really cute blog, and she and me have very similiar tastes. After umming and ahhing for a long time over all the lovely choices, I settled on this fabric bundle, as I knew it would go very well with my stash.

Dolly Henry bundle 01


So today I’m showing you the quilt that I used these for…based on the delightful Simple Hearts pattern by Cluck Cluck Sew. And as I hoped, they teamed perfectly with some of the tiny florals that I’ve already collected over the years. Some of these are vintage, some are from Spotlight, and some I really don’t know where they came from.

I’m really loving the view from my new sewing desk, as it’s so light and cheerful, even if part of the view is just the shed!

I had to be very patient finishing this one off, as I managed to cut out and piece all the hearts in a couple of hours, but then got very busy getting school organised for this week, and had to put it on hold. I nearly got up several times through the night over the last week to try and finish it!

Heart chain piecing

Hearts quilt top


And eventually I had a few more hours to myself to finish the quilt top and try to decide how to quilt it. I love free motion quilting, but I’m really really bad at it, because like most of us quilters I stick to straight line quilting. Having the time to play around and practice always gets in the way of wanting to get it finished.

I also find that practicing on a small quilt sandwich is never the same as doing the real thing. Having to cope with a large quilt under the machine has a whole new set of challenges!

So I’m taking my heart in my mouth (pun intended!) and showing you my free motion wonky hearts that I covered the background in. Let’s just say they are very free, and very wonky! I did rip out the REALLY bad sections I just couldn’t stand, but overall I hope I can put up with rest, and am glad I stuck at it. I probably should have done something else inside the hearts, and still might do some handquilting.

Small floral hearts b


This is the little zakka style label I added to the corner. My favourite part!

Hearts zakka label

Small floral hearts a


Here’s the whole quilt, and I struggled to photograph it today, as it was raining torrentially in Adelaide in the middle of summer! Who’d have thought??

Small floral hearts quilt front


And my favourite part of making a quilt is folding it up and seeing it in a squishy mound, with the binding and all the colours mixed up together.

Small floral hearts folded


Nearly as much as washing it actually, when it comes back smelling divine and all crinkly and rustic. Can’t wait!!

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