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Today I’m sharing the Quilted Notice Board that I’ve made from Sedef Imer’s book Quilt Petite.

To say this book is amazing is an understatement! It’s rare that I ooh and ahh over every project in a book, but this book did the trick. From the very first glimpse I had of those adorable feet that Sedef showed on Instagram, I knew this was something special. I even got to see a proof copy back in June that Sedef flicked through for me, and it was all I could do not to wrestle it off her and take it home straight away!! Everything just screams cute, and her photography is just so yummy…

So I had to order a signed copy as soon as a few copies were available in her etsy shop. We even tried to meet half way for a catchup, so she could deliver it in person, but in the end our busy schedules just couldn’t coordinate again. Sedef posted it to me anyway, because she’s a sweetie like that :).



And last week, a beautiful bundle of Lecien’s new range Retro 30s Childsmile arrived, and I knew that they would be the perfect partner for making the Quilted notice board. I’m just enamoured with these reproduction prints, and am really enjoying amassing a collection. I’m planning on making a really BIG quilt with them soon. The bright, scrappy effect is really a big change from the muted colours I usually like, but it has just enough pretty florals to keep me happy.



The other new product that I purchased last week was some Flex Foam, newly carried by Spotlight. I was beyond excited when I saw that they had it there (a couple of months ago they had never heard of it), and had to resist buying the whole bolt! This product is a one sided fusible foam, that adds a beautiful loft and stability to projects. It’s so easy to work with as well…



This project was also good practice for my patchwork piecing skills, which are still very novice. I really enjoy the challenge though! It’s very satisfying to see yourself improving.





The little zakka touches are so fun to add. This is a little vinyl patch on top of a piece of cream essex linen that I embroidered some daisies onto.







I’m looking forward to pinning things all over this, and hanging it in different locations around the house. It might even make it onto the fridge with some really strong magnets…

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