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This is the story of a pink romper, and one that has been a glorious joy to make. Who couldn’t be happy when sewing something pink, and of all things…a romper.

This is such a delicious word…it conjures up such lovely images of childhood in my head!

Now I’ve had this beautiful embroidered linen in my stash for years and years. Obviously I liked it tremendously back then, as I bought about 3m! I had it earmarked all year to sew into a romper for the baby daughter of a dear friend. This baby daughter would keep growing and growing, until all of a sudden, she had her first birthday, and the romper still wasn’t made!

But at last the Christmas hols arrived, and I had a bit of time for some slow sewing of my own projects, and this happily got done.

I paired the linen with a lovely classic pattern that I’ve had for even longer, Style 5016. I chose to leave off the front bib section, as I thought that would make it too hot for romping babies. Romping is hot work after all in an Australian summer!

I made a cream floral piping to match, and paired it with the perfect shade of pink gingham.

It turned out so soft and pretty. I was wondering the whole time why I had never used this before for something!!

Then I remembered as I was sewing it how nasty linen can be to keep crisp. That’s probably what put me off, but now this won’t be my problem to press…Mmwwhahahaaa!!

This little label is the perfect handmade touch, and is actually quite humorous! A careful read actually says ‘Criginal, Wishing you a little spat of fiappiness’. Which I think is someone’s attempt to write something French looking and sounding…lol.


And then we went romping in the garden, with the Princess Peach herself, and I am so glad to report the romper fitted perfectly with just a smidge of growing room.

Would you look at those rolls, that charm, and that attitude!! She is sooo delicious…I just wanted to chew her little cheeks so much! (Actually I did a lot of that and she didn’t mind a bit!)

So I think this project will inspire many more. While I love blue a lot, there’s just something about pink…


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