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I’ve really enjoyed seeing my pile of blocks gradually grow…and suddenly it seems there’s a large stack! I mean look at how many posts you can already look back on! Here are the links to check out my earlier Happy Flower quilt along blocks: blocks 1-4blocks 5-6blocks 7-10blocks 11-14blocks 15-18blocks 19-22.,blocks 23-27.

Is this weird and is this just me?? But things like this that you’ve worked so hard on start to take on a personality of their own. It feels this has become a precious quilt even before it’s assembled. I love the bright colours and all the complicated shapes that have pushed me out of my comfort zone, to practice and learn new skills.

Happy Flower Quilt Along - Blocks 33-36 - block 33 pieces



This is block 33 all spread out. And sometimes I like to count how many pieces are involved in one of these multi pieced types, because I it makes me feel more accomplished when I get it done lol. This block has 28 pieces…yup.






Happy Flower Quilt Along - Blocks 33-36 - Block 33

This one was a doozy, because all those angles just wanted to go their own way. At least I got to daydream about doughnuts and gingerbread and crispy things while I was making it.


Happy Flower Quilt Along - Blocks 33-36 - Block 34

Block 34…indulging my inner pink self, and going totally feminine for this one bunch of tulips. I love the pink dot background, the pretty petals, and the minty green of the leaves.


Happy Flower Quilt Along - Blocks 33-36 - Block 35

Block 35…the next pieced block, and only half the pieces of block 33. Yay, I was ready for an easier one! I love all the clashy colours. There’s just something about yellow and orange and purple together.


Happy Flower Quilt Along - Blocks 33-36 - Block 36 pieces

I had fun improvising an ombre effect for this block, using a selection of nearly all the greens I owe. I might need to rectify that imbalance!


Happy Flower Quilt Along - Blocks 33-36 - Block 36

I made the stem slightly wider to incorporate this lovely fabric with leaves and flowers on it, that echoed the rest of the block. I love it when after stash diving, you discover gems that have been long forgotten. It’s like a free trip to the fabric shop!! This happens to me a fair bit, and I really don’t have that much fabric.

Onward and upward! How is everyone going with their blocks?



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