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Today I’m showing you some more of my makes with the latest Tilda Collection, thanks to 2GreenZebras.

The rich colours just inspire me with so many ideas, and after making a little baby quilt, I had plenty left to keep going with! These dark colours were initially a challenge for me, but once I began, I was truly smitten…I limited my colour palette to the blue and red/purple prints.

Tilda Cottage Potholders - Tilda Cottage range

Tilda Cottage Potholders - Tilda cottage potholders


These potholders are for a young couple who are getting married very soon. They love modern French country style, and I hope these tick that box.

I’ve chosen to showcase the toile style prints from the collection on the fronts of the potholders, and mixed them with Tonne’s bold prints for the modern twist.

Tilda Cottage Potholders - Crochet lace and leather

Tilda Cottage Potholders - crochet lace, rivets and leather

The addition of the charming crochet lace and leather hanger give some nice interest while retaining the modern look.

Tilda Cottage Potholders - peony print

The back of the this one is resplendent in the large peony print in dark blue, and the addition of the diamond quilting pattern is a lovely contrast to the match stick quilting of the front.

Tilda Cottage Potholders - toile and matchstick quilting

Tilda Cottage Potholders - diamond quilting


Tilda Cottage Potholders - modern leather and rivets

This was my first time using rivets for quite a few years, and being out of practice, I managed to dent this one! And then couldn’t get it off easily, so decided to leave it and call it a feature!

Inside, these have a layer of insul-bright and cotton batting together inside on the large side, and two layers of batting on the smaller side. I’m not a huge fan of insul-bright, as it feels a little slippery to me when I’m using them, so I tend to vary what I put inside. Wool batting is another filling I love, as it’s non-flammable, and has even better heat resistant qualities.