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**Pattern now available here**

I’d like to sincerely thank everyone who entered for their support and encouragement…I’m so excited that you love my Wynne bunny so much! I would really love to be able to give one away to each and every one of you!

First, I hope you’ll bear with me (or is that bunny with me?) and take a look back on how the Wynne bunnies started off.

Their little bodies coming together…

Wynne bunny interrupted


To little clothes in the making…

Wynne bunny pants, scarf and cap

Wynne bunny Liberty dress


And my Wynne bunny was even a special model for me and posed for me, as I sketched her, and then stitched her as a sewing illustration, and submitted her in Make Modern Magazine’s #miniminiquilt contest on instagram…

Wynne bunny Mini mini



And very happily, the judges liked my mini, and I was one of the winners picked! I won a little fabric voucher from Minki Bear & Me…such a sweet little fabric shop! This is Wynne reclining on the fabric that arrived this week!

Discover how you can make your own Amigurumi bunny.

She’s getting quite the little poser now, what with pictures being stitched of her, and being famous on the internet! I’m trying to be careful that her head doesn’t get even bigger…lol

Wynne bunny loves fabric


So with the fun of winning still fresh in my mind, and without further rambling, the winner of the bunny of their choice, is Brianna @B_fab, who said she’d really love a Paperboy Wynne. Congratulations Brianna! I’ve sent you an email, but if for some reason you don’t get it, contact me here, and your little Wynne, complete with satchel and tiny newspapers will be on it’s way to you very shortly!!

Paperboy Wynne Bag

Thankyou again to everyone else who entered!

My Wynne bunnies can be specially ordered in my etsy shop, and you can even make your own!

Have a great day…

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