Join us for the Smart Sofa Station Sew-Along

Jun 23

Join us for a relaxed Sew-Along for the Smart Sofa Station and get your sofa sorted in 2022

I’m very excited to announce that I’m hosting a Sew-Along for the Smart Sofa Station beginning in January!

If you’re not familiar with the Smart Sofa Station, you can read all about it here.

It’s designed with solving the big problems of sofa stitching in mind.

Those problems that really irk and steal the joy that you long for...things like where to put everything  so that you’re not stressed from being surrounded by clutter.

This pattern really helps you streamline your workflow so that you can be more productive and enjoy the process so much more.

This will be a fun opportunity to get your sofa sorted in 2022 and join in with others who will be doing the same.

I love this design for how customisable it is to the crafting that you personally are doing.

There’s multiple pocket combinations,and options to stitch different widths into the pockets to hold the particular tools you’ll be using.

Whether you’re a crocheter, quilter, embroiderer or do some other needle craft, there’s a pocket combination here to suit your needs.

If you’d like to join in with other like minded crafters and make one of these, you can sign up to my newsletter for the all the info to stay in the loop.

There are several shops stocking the paper pattern and also kitting the pattern with everything you need.

I encourage you to join the Facebook group for extra support, tips, and feedback.

It will be a fun place where you can ask questions and post your progress as well.

I’ll be popping in from time to time, and be doing a live chat once a week to answer questions and cheer everyone on.

Here's the schedule, which is very relaxed and flexible.

There's plenty of time to grab what you need, and get settled after the holiday rush is over.

I’ll be sharing lots of tips in addition to the YouTube videos I’ve already made for this pattern.

Everything from ideas on how to select a good mix of fabrics, different interfacings, tips for sewing tiny pieces, and of course how to achieve beautiful binding.

This Liberty version is stitched up in Liberty from Alice Caroline, who very kindly sent me a bundle to play with.

I chose Betsy, Capel, and Wiltshire, some of my favourite Liberties ever.

This was such a delight to make, and I love how it turned out. You can see what else I did with this fabric here.

So go sign up at the link, and let's ring in the new year with a fresh organised start.

I can’t wait to make another one of these alongside you, so we can get super organised for 2022 and enjoy sofa stitching so much more!

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