Sew Great to be Organised - A Fun Instagram Challenge

February 18, 2021

Sew Great to Be Organised is a fun Instagram challenge that Molly and Mama and I are running with each other throughout the month of February, to help get our sewing spaces in great sewing shape for the year.

We thought it might be fun to challenge each other to improve some habits so we can get more sewing down and have a stitch filled year ahead. Stacked fabric stuff inside

And what better way than to share the hard work fun with as many friends as possible.

So why don't you join us so we can help each other lose that extra weight of clutter and mess and start some healthy habits!

We’re also starting it in February so that it’s not anywhere close to being a new year’s resolution.

Not even close.

Rather than a flash in the pan tidy up that only lasts a short time, this is about achieving some improvement no matter how small in something that has been really bugging you.

Maybe your fabric is out of control.

Maybe your threads are so tangled you can’t get out the one you need.

Maybe your UFOs are piling up and you’re not making a dent in finishing anything.

We believe that in challenging each other to work in a consistent way and then showing results, will benefit all of us in being able to do more of what we love…sewing!

After all, hard work is always more fun with friends.

Each week through the month of February, we’re hosting an Instagram prompt to help you make some progress in your organisation.

sew-great-to-be-organised-a-fun-instagram-challenge - weekly prompts

To join in, all you need to do is start by posting a pic on Instagram about how your space is not working for you, or show some of your supplies that you'd like to organise better.

Each week in February, join in on the theme to show how you're getting organised. Share your progress and all your tips to help others.

We have some great prizes from Ava&Neve and Utopian Threads to sooth the pain of decluttering, and make this feel even more worth it.

Our inaugural prize is this Fat 16th Liberty Lawn bundle!

There are prizes awarded each week, and you could also win this awesome scrappy bundle which includes the sweet Easter Bilby collection by Elise Martinson by Devonstone.

sew-great-to-be-organised-a-fun-instagram-challenge - Easter Bilby prize

I'm posting a tour of my #honestcraftroom on Instagram, and it's not the pretty version. It's definitely the BEFORE.

But I have big plans to conquer my mess, my clutter, and start enjoying my space and getting a lot more sewing done.

So I hope you’ll come and join in the fun over on Instagram,and show us your clutter like we will be showing ours. Get ready for some truly

shocking revelations!!