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Happy Easter to all!

I’m talking all things Liberty fabric again today, and I hope whatever this long weekend finds you doing, you get a chance to relax and kick back with some stitching involved of course!

This month’s Liberty Society thanks to Ava&Neve is another lovely collection of prints. Scroll to the bottom to see the how to fill out your Society Chip.

Included in this month’s Society is the pattern for another #arabesquescissorsminimake, the Teensy Pretzel Pouch.



This is another fast and fun miniature to add to your sewing basics. It’s just perfect for storing a pair of embroidery scissors and a few other little notions. It’s just 5″ long, and is fully quilted and lined, but certainly quick enough to be completed in a couple of hours.  If you’ve missed the first two patterns, find them here.


I strive to make all my patterns not only highly functional and easy to use, but a beautiful experience.

There’s just something extra special about using a pattern that’s pretty from start to finish!


Have you been enjoying your mini patterns that have been included in the past three months’ Societies?

We hope these are helpful suggestions for how to use your Liberty stash. We’d love to hear what you think, and if you’d like them to continue! Are they items that you find useful?

We’re listening, so don’t be shy. Leave a comment below, or on my or Ava&Neve’s instagram to let us know what you think! Do you have a suggestion for a pattern you’d like to see designed with Liberty?


In other Liberty news, during April we have been stitching through another fun month of the #libertysocietykanthastitchalong, thanks to @tincatsew with prizes each week thanks to Ava&Neve.

There are some amazing creations already completed on the hashtag, and it’s not too late to start! I’m including myself in this…this is my fabric pull, and due to a very busy April thanks to sickness and a new niece arriving, I’ve only just made a start yesterday! Hopefully I’ll have some stitching to share soon. It’s one of my favourite #slowstitching things to do.


Here’s the details for this month’s chip…

So fill out your Society Chip, and why not share on the #libertysociety hashtag. It’s such a fun community!