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Sheep and pillow 01

Hooley dooley…I’m a Great Aunt!! If this doesn’t make me feel old, not much will these days!

So I’d like to share with you my special little creations that I’ve made for my new grand-nephew Toby…a cute amigurumi sheep, and a monogrammed pillow, so he’ll never forget what his name is.

First up is the sheep, a gorgeous free pattern from Lanukas. This is a lovely simple make if you can do basic crochet stitches, however the level of difficulty increases dramatically when you add fluffy yarn. I used Spotlight’s Beetle for the lower feet, face and ears, a nice all rounder cotton/acrylic, and I was all good for that part. For the fluffy body, I used Sirdar Snuggly Snowflake. It was exactly the look I was after, but it made for terribly hard crochet, as the fluffiness of the yarn means you can’t see all of your stitches clearly. I had just about every stitch marker I owned hanging off it, just trying to keep track of them. I ripped it out several times, despite doing this, as I seemed to miraculously increase and decrease constantly.

Sheep 02

So if anyone ever thinks things like this come easy, I am certainly not one of those people…most of this is just dogged determination…not to let little sheep beat me! I still don’t think I actually did get this correct in the end, as I never did get an accurate stitch count, but when I stuffed the little critter, he turned out evenly thank goodness. And we forgave each other.

Then I just couldn’t make sense of Lucia’s pattern for his little face, and no matter how hard I tried, it just wouldn’t look like the picture! So I just made that up too lol. If you are finding making your face hard, and would like my edits to the face, I’ll add them into this post.

Sheep 01


My kids are still laughing at this softie, and calling him a yeti, a Pokemon, and several other characters I know nothing about. O well.

Here is Toby’s little pillow, made with Melly&Me‘s Teddy Bear’s Picnic fabric, by Riley Blake Designs. I might just be a little bit in love with all these designs!

Pillow 02


His name is appliqued with recycled denim, and top stitched to resemble jeans…my favourite way to make a little boy’s pillow. I then enlarged and embroidered the teddy designs from the fabric (and one little bird) and added a tiny little button for the belly button. I used a DMC Perle 12 for this, and just happened to have the perfect match in my stash. The pillow also has the cutest little teddy bear ribbon tag.


Pillow 01

Sheep and pillow 02

Sheep 03

I hope you’ve enjoyed my little sheep and pillow…and maybe even get inspired to make a sheep, or one of Lucia’s other patterns…they are very cute too!

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