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We do Christmas very small here in our family. But that’s only in terms of dollar value. We much prefer the fun of being generous, spending time together and relaxing, to getting big gifts. So a lot of our time goes into making special handmade gifts, that are as much fun in the making as they are in the giving.

Most of the Christmas sewing I do gets given away, so this year I decided to actually start adding some special decorations to our tree. It’s been long overdue.

Christmas Tag - Gingerbread Cookie Sheet - fabric pull

I have a huge soft spot for wool felt, linen, and beads. Anything sparkly and I’m hooked. So this was my fabric pull for this idea…wool felt in aqua and honey brown and cherry red, and some Pixie Noel fabric. And those tiny buttons! Squee…!

Christmas Tag - Gingerbread Cookie Sheet - miniature oven mitts

I’m a huge sucker for anything minature…I feel like I’ve written that before?!!

My original idea was to make a cookie sheet of gingerbread men, with an oven mitt either side of the sheet. I made a few sketches, but only had a vague idea on how the colours would work.

So I got to work making some tiny oven mitts, and handquilted them, and added tiny beaded hangers. They are 1″ high! Now I really want one in my size…and can I just say that might eyesight is not what it once was! Sob.

Christmas Tag - Gingerbread Cookie Sheet - linen and felt

And here it is…my Christmas gingerbread cookie sheet! The size of the tag kept changing as I couldn’t decide what else to add on…in the end I embroidered a simple ‘ho ho ho’.

Christmas Tag - Gingerbread Cookie Sheet - ho ho ho

My embroidery and handquilting sure could use some practice! But hopefully the rest of the details and bling will out shine that part!

Christmas Tag - Gingerbread Cookie Sheet - my dear deer

The cookie sheet is ‘sprinkled’ with sugar to make it sparkle, and the gingerbread men have french knots to replicate icing. I just adore their 4mm wide buttons too!

And the dear deer in the background were my nanna’s, which I proudly display all year long around the house.

Christmas Tag - Gingerbread Cookie Sheet - sprinkled sugar

I did try to give the gingerbread men a mouth each, but it just made them look evil, which wasn’t the look I was going for. So I resorted to punching out tiny pink cheeks with a hole punch. Now they just look they’ve eaten too much!

Christmas Tag - Gingerbread Cookie Sheet - finished tag

I’m hoping to get a couple more little scenes on tags done before Christmas this year, but I’ll see how I go. My to do list keeps growing!

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