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China bunny tutorial

I have a really quick and easy tutorial to share with you today. I’ve started collecting little china ornaments at thrift shops and op shops that have a little space for a pincushion. Some of these are really vintage era, like miniature vases that my Nan used to have, and little dining table ornaments.

The one I’ve used here I think was possibly an egg cup…we don’t know, but I thought it was cute, and for only $1 I couldn’t pass it up! This took me less than half an hour, and I only used scraps that I had on hand.

China bunny supplies list


Step 1. Measure the diameter of the bowl on your china figure. Mine was about 5cm. Add 2-3cm to this measurement, and cut out a circle to this diameter. My circle ended up being 8cm. My fabric is a scrap of a quilt sandwich that I’d saved the fabric from as it was just so cute! Any fabric will work fine.

Step 2. Either on the sewing machine, or by hand, stitch two rows of long gathering stitches around the edge of your circle. Make sure your thread is a strong one, as you’re going to be pulling on it hard.

China bunny circle


Step 3. Start pulling up the tails on your gathering threads to make the circle pucker up into a cup shape. Ease the gathers around until they are pretty even. Leave an opening for stuffing.

Step 4. Start stuffing with small pieces of polyfil until the cup is nice and fat. Pull the gathers as tight as you can. Do a trial of the shape by sitting it in your bowl and seeing if you like it. When you’re happy with the amount and shape of your stuffed cup, take a few extra stitches with your needle across the opening if you think it needs it.

China bunny cirle gathered and stuffed


Step 5. Using your glue gun, carefully glue the pincushion into the bowl of the china ornament, being careful to use the glue sparingly so it doesn’t show. Push down hard, and keep adding glue until you are happy with how it sits.

China bunny with cushion glued in

Add other embellishments like ribbons or lace and beads to up the cuteness factor even more. This little ribbon decoration I’ve had in my stash for years!


I hope this inspires you to make one of these. I’d love to hear from you if you do!

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