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As with any long term project, motivation and enthusiasm waxes and wanes over time.

I think it’s important to accept this, but still keep the overall determination that you will finish it eventually.

I’ve found with a hand pieced project which involves a lengthy time commitment, you won’t always feel like pushing on.

That’s where several things help me…

I breathe, and realise that that’s ok. It’s ok for me and ok for you.

Allow yourself a break, and put it away for a time.

Then after a while, I get all my blocks out and enjoy seeing the progress I’ve already made.

The process of seeing the colours and designs you’ve already made can be really inspiring, and helps you get energised for the future.

You can also appreciate how you’ve grown in your skill – I know I’ve gotten neater with my stitching and learned a lot of tricks along the way.

Also check out what progress others have been making. Do they have any new blocks, interesting colour schemes and different visions that can cause you to look at your own project with fresh eyes?

I don’t feel threatened by seeing what others do, as I don’t view creating as a competition.

Instead I love to celebrate our different strengths and styles, and sometimes I take elements away from what others do as inspiration that I can adapt to my own style.

This Charlotte block has taken me quite a while now, and it’s sat next to the couch untouched as I haven’t had the inclination to finish it for a few weeks.

In truth my problem this time was not being decided about the outer fabric colour choices.

Then last week, I took it over to my Liberty stash and looked at all again with fresh eyes.

The fabric I wanted jumped out, and straight away I was excited to jump back in again.

I had to unpick couple of sections, but that’s ok. I’m already onto basting and assembling the new parts.

Here’s this month’s Society Chip filled out for your reference.

If you would like some pointers on piecing your Pemberley blocks, I have a number of videos on You Tube, and IG TV to help you out.