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I’m excited to keep on sharing my latest blocks with you all…this feels like such an achievement! I’ve never made it this far on a special quilt like this before, and I’m still all fired up to keep going! I love the way it’s looking, and the slow process of all the applique.

I’m sewing along with our host bloggers Zakkaart, Prettybyhand, and Ohhowsweetco, and a bunch of us on Instagram. That’s where all the fun is happening!! The best part is, you can just plug along at your own pace, and eventually you’ll have a wonderful heirloom of the future finished.


Happy Flower Quilt Along - Blocks 28-32 - Block 28

Block 28 – a fun bunch of cherries. ¬†This is another good one to practice stitching circles…always a bit of a challenge.


Happy Flower Quilt Along - Blocks 28-32 - Block 29

Block 29…a log cabin style block, and a little break from having so many points to match. The tiny pieces mean it can made from all your leftover little scraps. Perfect! I went diving, and came up with this!


Happy Flower Quilt Along - Blocks 28-32 - Block 30

Block 30…I used some of Elea Lutz’s fun bright orange for this flower. It pairs so well with other 30’s reproduction prints…and so looking forward to her latest line Little Dolly which is just being released.


Happy Flower Quilt Along - Blocks 28-32 - Block 31

Block 31…the obligatory granny square. I was really looking forward to this one, as I’m always drawn to on point squares. They’re just so pleasing to the eye…love how this turned out, and that blue bear in the centre has my heart!


Happy Flower Quilt Along - Blocks 28-32 - Block 32

Block 32…mine is a nice yellow and purple clashy version. I’ve surprised myself with being so bright and bold, and so different from my normal pastel loving self. The more I’ve let myself go, the easier it’s become!

How are you all going with your quilts? I’d love to hear from you about your favourite blocks…catch up on all my earlier progress at the following links: blocks 1-4, blocks 5-6, blocks 7-10, blocks 11-14,¬†blocks 15-18, blocks 19-22.,blocks 23-27.