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Welcome to a very special moment in the Happy Flower Quilt Along…drum roll please…

We are halfway through!! Woohoo!!

If you’ve made it this far, hearty congratulations to you…You can be so proud of yourself!

I’ve loved sharing what I’ve made this far with you all and I have the prettiest stack of blocks that I am so proud of!

For this post, I’ve left out block 46 again, which is another whole cloth block. I have started adding them in now, and making myself decide what my fabrics are going to be, but this one isn’t done yet.

Happy Flower Quilt Along - Blocks 46-50 - block 47

Block 47.

This one looks trickier than it really is, no y-seams to see here. I’ve had fun combining tiny florals with larger fun prints.

Happy Flower Quilt Along - Blocks 46-50 - block 48

Block 48.

A sleeping birdie, and possibly my favourite Liberty print of all time. This applique block was really sweet.

Happy Flower Quilt Along - Blocks 46-50 - block 49

Block 49.

This was another one I found you have to pay really close attention to the diagram, and if you’re finding the pieces aren’t fitting, it’s probably because they’re not in the right place. I found a lot of strawberry prints in the loose FQ section at Spotlight the other day, and went to town adding to my stash. These prints are SO CUTE!

Happy Flower Quilt Along - Blocks 46-50 - block 49 1/2

And just because my sense of humour is sooo quirky, here is the exact halfway of the quilt along…because you can’t have half of 99 blocks!

Please tell me I’m not the only one who thought of this…?

Happy Flower Quilt Along - Blocks 46-50 - block 50

Block 50.

I made this one a pansy in my head, but just looks like a bit of a smooshy blob. I do love the pops of yellow and purple together. If you squint your eyes and look sideways at it, it’s much more pansy-like.

So onward and upward for the rest of this beautiful quilt. I feel I can’t stop now that I’ve made it this far!

Check back to see all the rest of my blocks: blocks 1-4blocks 5-6blocks 7-10blocks 11-14blocks 15-18blocks 19-22blocks 23-27blocks 33-36 and blocks 37-41, and blocks 42-45.