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We are now officially beginning the 2nd half of the Happy Flower quilt along…it’s all down hill from here!

If you’d like to check out all my previous blocks and how to’s, the links are here: blocks 1-4blocks 5-6blocks 7-10blocks 11-14blocks 15-18blocks 19-22blocks 23-27blocks 33-36 and blocks 37-41, blocks 42-45, and blocks 46-50.

This little episode I’m sharing blocks 51 – 55, and a little how to for block 55, which is another tricky one.

Happy Flower Quilt Along – Blocks 51-55 - block 51

Block 51. This one is a very clear favourite at the moment, due to being made 100% from First Romance fabric, and also because it was lovingly stitched in the sunshine on our last little holiday a few weeks ago. This fabric is just gorgeous, and I have many plans for my lovely bundle! Stay tuned…it releases in just a few days, so you can grab some for yourselves!


Happy Flower Quilt Along – Blocks 51-55 - block 52

Block 52.

I’ve include this whole cloth block this time, as I actually found the perfect fabric for it! I’m loving the bold lime greens and pinks.


Happy Flower Quilt Along – Blocks 51-55 - block 53

Block 53.

This block seems to have been lovingly nicknamed the ‘bowtie’ block. You can see why…I think a bow tie would look amazing any of these Tilda fabrics!

You have the option here of doing another tricky y-seamed block, or just adding the internal squares as applique afterwards. This turns it into just another patchwork square block, with a fancy twist!


Happy Flower Quilt Along – Blocks 51-55 - block 54

Block 54.

Some fun love heart flowers on a stick. I found a gorgeous yuwa floral, and paired it with a larger rose floral and a smaller pink print. I love how it turned out!


Happy Flower Quilt Along – Blocks 51-55 - block 55 layout

Block 55.

Now this one is a doozy, and here it is laid out in all its 25 piece glory. There are a lot of strange shaped pieces, and no, you can’t avoid the y-seams in this one.

Here’s how I put this one together…and sorry that some of the pics are washed out. The sun was playing all sorts of games through this one!


Happy Flower Quilt Along – Blocks 51-55 - block 55 step 1

I started by sewing the little triangles onto either side of the kite shaped blue pieces.

Then sewed the yellow squares onto them.


Happy Flower Quilt Along – Blocks 51-55 - block 55 step 2 and 3

Then sew those three central rows together.

And then I forgot to actually take any process shots of the inset y-seams. Sorry!

Here’s a link to another post that I shared earlier. The process for this one is exactly the same. I sewed the corner seams together first, leaving 1/4in seam allowance open in the internal corner, so it could be pivoted around the right angle of the blue kite square corners. Now this is a bit deceptive because it’s actually all shifted in the pic below. It is essentially a mitred corner. Repeat the process for sewing up the sides of the blue kite shapes.


Happy Flower Quilt Along – Blocks 51-55 - block 55

The thing about these tricky seams is that they really do get easier with practice! I wasn’t super happy with mine, and thought about doing it over, but it did turn out the right size, and that’s a pretty big win for me!

I just adore the colours in this block, from the Melly & Me script fabric, to the fussy cut heart in the centre from the new Little Dolly line by Elea Lutz. It’s another adorable line that I can’t wait to make more with!!


Happy Flower Quilt Along – Blocks 51-55 - Little Dolly fabric and pincushion

And a little heads up about my china pincushion sale that I am holding over on instagram soon! There will a few gems available to purchase like this gorgeous swan beauty! Follow me @arabesquescissors_shop to be in the running to score one of these!