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Here I am, back with another Happy Flower quilt along update…I love showing you where I’m up to, and hope it inspires you to keep going as well!

I actually look forward to my weekly dose of needleturn applique, and will have to look for another project to take over when I’m finished!

Happy Flower Quilt Along - blocks 56-60. Block 56

Block 56.

I love this little pink flower. I used some Little Dolly for the background and leaves, and love how they work so well with the soft pink of the petals. I had more fun fussy cutting the little flower centre too. You should see how holey some of my fabrics are looking now! Second thoughts maybe not, it’s a bit embarrassing…

Happy Flower Quilt Along - blocks 56-60. Block 57

Block 57.

A sweet dresden plate. I loved the opportunity to make another one of these! There’s something so classic about these that I can never have enough of!

I have the newer version of the book, and after reading that the older version had some template size issues, I’m happy to report that this one turned out perfectly using the templates as is. The only puzzle was why there were two included, that were actually the same? If anyone can work that out, let me know!


Happy Flower Quilt Along - blocks 56-60. Block 58

Block 58.

Fussy cut strawberries, of strawberries. I’m really into grey low volume backgrounds at the moment. I feel it adds a certain extra sophistication to the humble block. If you know me in real life, I’m not at all sophisticated, so adding it to my quilt is well…nice.


Happy Flower Quilt Along - blocks 56-60. Block 59

Block 59.

This last run of blocks has been refreshingly easy, and I’ve enjoyed being able to sew them up quickly and without puzzling over them. This one is just cute in its simpleness. If you look closely, I’ve tried to copy the block from the book with its step down progression. Anyway, whether you can see it or not, it’s a nice scrappy block.


Happy Flower Quilt Along - blocks 56-60. Block 60

Block 60.

Well, I will be honest here…I struggled to do this one, and put if off for a few weeks. I’ve embraced the wonkiness of many of the flower shapes in this quilt, but the actual design with the flower falling out of the frame just didn’t do anything for me, and I even disliked the petal and leaf shapes. But I knuckled down and got it done in the end. After all, it’s just one of 99 blocks, and most of them I really like, so I’m sure I’ll cope.

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