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Happy flower quilt…I’m still here and I still love you…

Life has just been pretty hectic at the moment, but I’m determined not to give up, especially since I’ve come this far!

My previous blocks can be found at these links…Blocks 1-4blocks 5-6blocks 7-10blocks 11-14blocks 15-18blocks 19-22blocks 23-27blocks 33-36, blocks 37-41, blocks 42-45, blocks 46-50blocks 51-55. and blocks 56-60.


Happy Flower Quilt Along – blocks 61-65 - block 61 paper pieced hexies

Block 61. English paper pieced hexies…I started making this one several months ago, because this kind of slow stitching is really fun. But wouldn’t you know, I went and trimmed it slightly too small. So I’ll be making this again. O well, I think I can find a use for this somewhere…


Happy Flower Quilt Along – blocks 61-65 - block 62 my fried egg block

Block 62. This one reminded me of fried egg, and I was tempted to make it white and yellow ;). But anyway, I hope you see a smooshy flower.


Happy Flower Quilt Along – blocks 61-65 -block 63 berries galore

Block 63. I LOVE this one! I got to use my flower seed fabric from Yuwa, and it’s just perfect. There are so many special fabrics in this quilt.


Happy Flower Quilt Along – blocks 61-65 - block 64 cheeky bunnies

Block 64. Another whole cloth block, just begging for a cute fussy cut. These cheeky bunnies did the trick this time.


Happy Flower Quilt Along – blocks 61-65 - block 65

And block 65. This was a fun one that you could change the look of just by varying the colour values. I love blocks like this that have those options.

I burnt the starch on this one pretty badly, but good ol’ hydrogen peroxide to the rescue.  A press with a rag dampened with that gets it out in a jiffy. I might have to keep my bottle handy, as this happens more than I like to admit!

It’s certainly not too late to get your hands on this gorgeous book and sew along with us all over the world!