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Welcome to another edition of my Happy Flower Blocks. I never imagined when I started writing about these, that they would become so popular. Thankyou!

I’m excited to be nearing the end of this epic quilt, and am iching to get some time to finish it all off. Believe it or not, this week is the last official week of this QAL, and I actually have only another twelve blocks to finish to get to ninety-nine. Today I’m showing you blocks 71 – 75.

Happy Flower Quilt Along - Blocks 71-75 - block 71

Block 71.

This was a fun fussy cut feature again, with some of my new Best of Sarah Jane in the middle. I like how most of these latter blocks are actually quite simple, and don’t take two hours to put together anymore. I’ve really embraced the happy scrappy look too.

Happy Flower Quilt Along - Blocks 71-75 - block 72

Block 72.

More of the pretty Sarah Jane fabric, this time for the background. And Little Dolly fabric for the flower. The pastels were made for each other! But I’m not at all enamoured with the shape of the flower. This one is just meh.



Happy Flower Quilt Along - Blocks 71-75 - block 73

Block 73.


I had the idea to treat this one like a window with the fish swimming past behind it and it turned out just how I pictured it. Some cute Heather Ross fishies for the win.

Happy Flower Quilt Along - Blocks 71-75 - block 74

Block 74.

Much happier with this flower. Totally looks like an echinachea cone flower to me, and I like when it resonates with reality. And of course, if you get hungry later on, you can always make the recipe on the background! I don’t know what you’d be making, but it sounds nice lol.

Happy Flower Quilt Along - Blocks 71-75 - block 75

Block 75.

A cute heart one for this block, where I totally chickened out like most people seemed to, and appliqued those inset seams on later. And I even have a tutorial for doing them…hangs head in shame. But hey, it’s done, and it looks great, and some of you wouldn’t even have known if I didn’t tell you!

If you’d like to jump in and make this awesome quilt, it’s not too late of course. You can still buy the book, and start any time. It’s quite a commitment, but you’re definitely making an heirloom of the future.