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Last month I became an auntie again to a new baby girl…and this baby has been so special.

She’s helped to heal the heartaches of the past, and fill the lives of those around her with joy. When hope had faded, she made a surprise appearance into the world.

And her tiny presence signifies hope for the future, and the bountiful blessings of God.

Like the rest of my family, I’ve had so many hopes and dreams for this tiny girl! Immediately my brain went into overdrive, with the idea of how and what I could contribute to her start in life. The idea of being able to sew some of the items she needed for her nursery filled me with joy, and today I’m sharing these with you!

I designed a quilt pattern and pillow especially for her, and I just love that these can be part of her life right from the very beginning. Every morning she’ll wake up to colours, prints and textures of this little quilt. I have the privilege of shaping part of her first concepts, word associations, and showing her the warmth and squishy texture that is handmade with love.


New Baby Love - Peekaboo Patch Pillow - folded quilt love

Do you see all that pink and sparkle? I had no end of fun coordinating the colour palette for this quilt, and managed to use my stash entirely for this. I felt like it had been waiting there just for her…

Never have I dug into a my stash with such relish. I felt like all the past collections I’d been saving were whispering:

‘we’re ready! Use us!’

And so the ‘Bloom Baby’ quilt was born.

I hope the imagery I’ve used is obvious…these aren’t just flowers, they’re blooms.

They’re unfolding, spreading, growing, just like my little niece Mikaela will do throughout her life.

She has her own ‘handmade with love’ set, to wrap her up, along with God’s love.

At yet at the same time this quilt mixes memories of the past. The pink sparkly fabric was used on my own daughter’s first quilt, and I just love that they will have this connection.

New Baby Love - Peekaboo Patch Pillow - Bloom Baby Quilt


New Baby Love - Peekaboo Patch Pillow - Donut

To have something ‘handmade with love’ just for you, something completely original is what every baby needs…an echo of their own originality.

I’ve loved being able to provide that uniqueness. Part of that has been including fun pictures for her to find all over this quilt.


New Baby Love - Peekaboo Patch Pillow - Baking Bunnies

These bunnies and mice are among some of my most treasured fabrics! Even as an adult I am captivated by them, and would have been entranced by them as a child I’m sure!

New Baby Love - Peekaboo Patch Pillow - Magic Pillow

I couldn’t resist making her one of my signature pillows. It has more of that pink sparkly fabric used on her name, and the cute ruffle.


New Baby Love - Peekaboo Patch Pillow - handmade with love pillow

New Baby Love - Peekaboo Patch Pillow - pretty patchwork squares




And last but not least, I designed this pillow I’m calling the ‘Peekaboo Patch Pillow’. It uses more of my favourite special prints, and celebrates many of the joyful scenes of a happy childhood.

Puddle jumping, tree swings, colouring with crayons, riding bikes with friends, and flowers, lots of flowers.

The name was cleverly thought of by one of my pattern testers, and I will always be in her debt. She immediately recognized the connection between this pillow and my last, the Bunny Patch Pillow.

And yes, the name was perfect! It follows on from the little snippets of cuties that have delighted so many already.

As you can see, I just love the oblong style, and I designed this to be not only a nursing support pillow, but also a fantastic room decoration too. Pillows of different shapes and sizes look so charming when they’re stacked together.


New Baby Love - Peekaboo Patch Pillow - puddle jumping squares

New Baby Love - Peekaboo Patch Pillow - nursery pillow stacking


I can’t wait until she’s old enough to learn about the story happening in each picture.

New Baby Love - Peekaboo Patch Pillow - I spy mice

New Baby Love - Peekaboo Patch Pillow - Lions and Giraffes

New Baby Love - Peekaboo Patch Pillow - quilted back and button loop


And so I’m ready to share this pattern with the world!

If you can sense my joy in creating this for my baby niece, and love to share that with your own littles, than this fast and easy pattern is available for purchase in my etsy shop!

New Baby Love - Peekaboo Patch Pillow

I’ve written it up with two options, an oblong pillow and a square version, and if you’re not a confident sewer, there’s no points to match or zips to put in!

I can’t wait to see who will be peeking out of your pillow!

New Baby Love - Peekaboo Patch Pillow - newborn crochet tutu

We had so much fun getting ready for this baby, and I’ll leave you with the last thing I’ve made so far…

A newborn ballet tutu wrap outfit…o my! It takes pink and sparkly to the next level!


New Baby Love - Peekaboo Patch Pillow - sparkle newborn tutu

New Baby Love - Peekaboo Patch Pillow - hearts and newborn tutu