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Catch-All Cup - Mini Pattern

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Make a cute little container that snaps to your existing Smart Sofa Station - useful for thimbles, clips, bobbins & more!

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Catch-All Cup - Mini Pattern


Continue your journey to a sorted sofa by making this cute little Catch-All Cup - another magnetic attachment that snaps to your existing Sofa Station. Fill it with binding clips, thread bobbins, stitch markers etc and enjoy the peace of being able to safely store everything at your fingertips!

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If you've loved the Smart Sofa Station, then check out the second little add-on that I've designed to make it even better!

Relaxing on the sofa to stitch at the end of a busy day is one of life's great joys - but only if you're not constantly losing your scissors and sitting on your needle... ouch! So we solved the scissors and needles problem - but what about all the other little bits and pieces that you need close at hand, but don't want to lose down the side?

Now that's solved as well with this sweet little container I'm calling the 'Catch-All Cup'. It's made from fabric and interfacing and also has a magnet in the base, making it fully integratable with your existing Sofa Station.

Best of all, this little container will take just 30 mins or less of your time to construct, making even more time for you to get back to stitching in peace.

This is the printable version of the free tutorial available on my blog. If you prefer to print out your pattern rather than work from a screen, the instant download makes this quick and easy.

You can read all about this on my blog post here.

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Ali Phillips is an Australian sewist and entrepreneur with a passion for family, creativity, and organisation.

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