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Bunny and teddy 01

I have a new little cutie to share with you today…it’s a cute as cute little amigurumi bunny.

So no quilting again today, as I’ve been increasingly drawn to making cute toys for kids, and as you might have noticed from my last post. I haven’t made an ami for quite a while and it’s been far too long overdue…I LOVE doing them. The quilting bug is still biting me, so don’t worry, I’ve got plenty on the go!

This bunny is an adaption of the Spring Bunny Pattern by Josephine Wu. I’ve added a little ruffly skirt, and black shoes with smart bows on them.

Head closeup

Dress ruffle


Here she is with her precious little teddy, who measures in at only 3″…squeee!

Tiny teddy


I made this out of sock yarn, and a 2mm crochet hook so it’s a fair bit smaller than the regular pattern…I needed good light let me tell you. But it’s all worth it when it finally comes to life with a little face and personality of its own. The beads I’ve used for the eyes have a faint luminous quality, which makes it look vaguely possessed in the photos lol…but I can assure this teddy has the most angelic nature 🙂

Tiny teddy 01


Bunny and teddy 02


I’ve enjoyed learning new skills, and a new stitch for me this time round was the invisible decrease. The bunny is done with the regular crochet decrease, and the teddy is with the invisible decrease. Much better.

Bunny and teddy 03

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