Announcing the Wynne Bunny Winner

Welcome back today for the announcement of the winner of the Wynne bunny!

I’d like to sincerely thank everyone who entered for their support and encouragement…I’m so excited that you love my bunnies so much! I would really love to be able to give one away to each and every one of you!

First, I hope you’ll bear with me (or is that bunny with me?) and take a look back on how the Wynne bunnies started off.

Their little bodies coming together…

Wynne bunny interrupted


To little clothes in the making…

Wynne bunny pants, scarf and cap

Wynne bunny Liberty dress


And my Wynne bunny was even a special model for me and posed for me, as I sketched her, and then stitched her as a sewing illustration, and submitted her in Make Modern Magazine’s #miniminiquilt contest on instagram…

Wynne bunny Mini mini



And very happily, the judges liked my mini, and I was one of the winners picked! I won a little fabric voucher from Minki Bear & Me…such a sweet little fabric shop! This is Wynne reclining on the fabric that arrived this week!

She’s getting quite the little poser now, what with pictures being stitched of her, and being famous on the internet! I’m trying to be careful that her head doesn’t get even bigger…

Wynne bunny loves fabric


So with the fun of winning still fresh in my mind, and without further rambling, the winner of the bunny of their choice, is Brianna @B_fab, who said she’d really love a Paperboy Wynne. Congratulations Brianna! I’ve sent you an email, but if for some reason you don’t get it, contact me here, and your little Wynne, complete with satchel and tiny newspapers will be on it’s way to you very shortly!!

Paperboy Wynne Bag

Thankyou again to everyone else who entered!

My Wynne bunnies are available to purchase exclusively through Ava&Neve, if you find you didn’t win, but just can’t live without one. Stop by their beautiful shop and also check out the large range of Liberty prints they have to offer, and collection of other Liberty inspired gifts and accessories…

Have a great day…

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WIN a Wynne Bunny: Introducing Wynne

This story begins with my passion for Liberty fabric, a new love for amigurumi, and then meeting Martina and Narelle of Ava&Neve, who are so passionate about Liberty that they have their own Liberty fabric store. I knew that I wanted to develop a special little character to showcase these gorgeous fabrics, and they were happy to share my vision.

I’m so excited to introduce you to a special little bunny today! [Giveaway now closed.]

Wynne is the end result of much hard work…as anyone who has developed a new pattern from scratch will know. The culmination of much excitement, then frustration and unpicking, then repeat, and repeat again, as many times as it takes.

Eventually you get to meet a whole new little personality, as amigurumis take on a mind of their own.

Wynne’s name came to me as I was perusing lists of children’s names, and immediately I saw the little face, and personality coming to life. Wynne’s name suits a boy and a girl, and so I’ve named both the Wynne Bunnies.

Here are my first girls…sweet little poppets dressed in Liberty smocked dresses, with pintucked hems. Aren’t they just the sweetest?!

Meet the Wynne Girls

They are wide eyed and innocent, exploring their world with great wonder and joy. They love catching butterflies and making daisy chains. In fact, they’ve been picking flowers to do just that.

Wynne has a lot of dreams and aspirations as well. Here she is longingly trying to reach up to her Grandma’s sewing machine. She’s a little bit too small for it right now, but she can’t wait to get started on fashion design with her beloved Liberty prints.

Wynne - sewing machine


Wynne’s twin or male counterpart, is an equally cute little character. Here he is selling newspapers on the street, with noble ambitions driving him…he is a country boy at heart, and loves fishing in the stream for trout in true Huck Finn style. But don’t be fooled by this innocent face…he might also catch a toad while he’s there, and has mischievous plans for it!


Paperboy Wynne has a jaunty outfit made from lovely Liberty lawn, and his little bag and newspapers are all handmade.

There are many more adventures awaiting them and if you would like to purchase your own Wynne bunny, they are available in strictly limited quantities exclusively through Ava&Neve. Wynne comes standing displayed in a clear acetate tube, with his/her own swing tag.

Wynne Girl 01

Wynne swing tag 02

Wynne Boy 01

Wynne swing tag 01


And here is your chance to WIN a Wynne bunny for yourself!

I am giving away a boy or girl Wynne randomly selected by Rafflecopter. Leave a comment below telling me which is your favourite Wynne bunny and follow the instructions to gain as many entries as you can. Entries are open world wide, and close midnight 26 July. Winner will be drawn Friday 28 July, and announced on Instagram and here on the blog.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Apple Farm Pot Holders

A few weeks ago Sedef of the lovely blog Downgrapevinelane and I finally managed to coordinate our schedules and get together for the first time. We had a lovely day chatting about our shared loves of fabric and design, and Sedef being the sweetie that she is, shared her newly delivered collection of Apple Farm with me. I was quite overwhelmed!

This is Elea Lutz’s brand new fabric collection, and like the all the others, is absolutely adorable! What’s not to love about vintage style bears picking apples together, and carrying their basket home into the sunset after a fun day’s work?? The coordinating prints are also the perfect blend of vintage and modern, with plaids, ginghams and small florals.

So then onto to what was I going to make with all these gorgeous prints? It had to be something to showcase them all, but also easy to accomplish, as I only had small pieces of each.

Red Hotmat standing


For some time, my family have been on at me to make some new pot holders, as our current ones are really looking very embarrassing. You know how they get after a few stains and burns, not so pretty anymore.

I’ve also just bought Lisa’s new book, A Spoonful of Sugar, which has a lovely pot holder pattern in it, infact very similar to one of the first projects I made on my blog a few years ago.

So it was the ideal solution, and I’d be able to see these cute little bears every time I was in the kitchen. I love it when a sewing project has a very practical use.

Two layered


I still had to work out what to coordinate with my little pieces, and then I realised that of course, I had a layer cake of Elea’s Milk, Sugar and Flower in my stash, and of course, the colours are the perfect match!

I then searched in my stash for some prints to make the bias binding out of, and found some Avalon by Fig Tree & Co, and another print that wasn’t perfect, but was the closest I had on a Saturday night lol.

Green hotmat

Red Hotmat


The front and back of my pot holders each have a combination of Insul-bright and wool batting, making them extremely thick, and very effective in keeping little mitts safe. However, this meant I had to cut my bias binding extremely thick to go around all these extra layers, but the result was worth it. Lots of starch made it easy to manage and press into place really well.

My small squares are 1 1/2″ and my large fussy cut pieces are 3″. A little bit of vintage Broderie Anglaise trim was the perfect finishing touch as it has been in my sewing box nearly long enough to be vintage too :). I quilted in the ditch on the front of each one, and straight line quilted in a diamond pattern on the backs. I love how they are super puffy with all the padding.

Two layered 01


These are now ready to take all the heat of the kitchen me and my family will dish out to them. That’s a lot of puns in one sentence lol!

Apple Farm will be in stores any day now. Happy sewing!Pink signature

TGIFF: Triangular Quilted Pillow Tutorial

Main header

Hello! And welcome to Thank Goodness it’s Finished Friday! Thankyou for stopping by today…

A few months ago, I designed this pillow for a friend’s new grandson. It’s a really simple design, but a great way to showcase some favourite picture prints, and certainly not limited to a baby!

Today I thought I’d share the pattern with you, and a simple tutorial showing how easy it is to put together. I’ve included some tips to add a personalised script to the front, for gifting to that special someone.

First up, I recommend reading through the whole tutorial to make sure you understand the steps.

To complete this pillow, you will need to download my triangle template, basic quilting and sewing supplies, and these materialsPrint:

  • 6 coordinating fabrics, fat 1/8th of each
  • 30cm x 40cm (12″ x 16″) piece of batting
  • 30cm x 40cm (12″ x 16″) fabric for the back of pillow
  • thread to coordinate with fabric+
  • pillow insert, approx 30cm x 40cm
  • optional 12″ zipper


Optional for adding personalised script:

  • Fusible paper like Wonder Under, Heat’n’Bond or Vliesofix
  • Scraps of denim
  • Top stitching thread
  • Free font ‘Playball’ available here

6mm (1/4″) seam allowances are used throughout.

1.  Starch all your fabrics. Using your template, cut 3 triangles from each fabric, for a total of 18.

You can stack up your fabrics, and cut multiples at once. You need to add 1/4″ seam allowance to the template, and I simply lay the template on the fabric, and line up the 1/4″ line of the ruler along the edge of the paper, and cut around each side of the template doing this. You can see here that I am left handed, and do it all backwards to most of you, but it still turns out the same!

Pic 1

Pic 2

2. Now you want to lay out the triangles into 2 rows of 9, and switch the fabrics all around until you are happy with the layout. At this stage I like to take a quick photo with my phone, just so I can remember what I came up with, and refer back to it.

Pic 3

3. Lay your triangles with right sides together, in pairs. You will have one triangle left over on each row to sew on after. Now you can chain piece all of these if you like, or if you’re like me, you only remember that half way through…lol.

Press all seams open. Then sew the rest of the rows together, until all the 9 triangles are joined on each row.

Pic 4


4. Before you can join your two rows together, you need to trim the seams along the bottom and top of the rows to 1/4″. Then sew the two rows together, pinning to get nice matching points.

Pic 5


5. Now you need to trim off the extra sides of the triangles that you don’t need, to square the pillow top off. Line up the 1/4″ line of your ruler along the points of the last two triangles of each row and trim. Repeat for the other side.

Pic 7


6. Lay your pillow top onto your piece of batting, and baste. I like to spray baste as there’s no puckering from the pins and no pins to remove as you go. I’m all for making things as easy as possible!

Pic 6

7. Quilt as desired. I stitched 1/4″ each side of each seam, for nice clean lines.

The pillow top is now finished, you can either read on for tips on how to add a personalised name to the front, or skip to step 12. on how to finish off.

Pic 8

8. I love the unique touch of adding a name to the front of a pillow for that special friend or child. You can use any font available on your word processor, or download the free one that I have used here. You will need to reverse the font to trace it on to the fusible paper. I use Illustrator to do this, but if you don’t have that, you can just print it out and trace it by holding it up to a window or even just taping it to your computer screen.

You will find that appliqueing lettering is much easier if the thinnest part of the letter is no thinner than 0.5 mm. I always increase the stroke on my fonts to make them thicker.

Pic 9

9. Fuse the script on to the denim scrap, and cut out carefully using small pointy scissors. I love using recycled denim for this style of pillow, as it lends a modern grunge feel, that’s still classy.

Pic 10

10. Remove paper backing, and place on to the pillow front, making sure to centre the design. When you’re happy with the positioning, carefully fuse into place. Using top stitching thread, and a short stitch length, sew closely around the edge of the lettering. I used thread that matched the top stitching that was already used on the denim jeans, so added to the ‘old jeans’ look. This gives a raw edge finish that is quite rustic, but won’t fray too much.

Pic 10a

Pic 11


12. Now all that’s left is trim the edges neatly, and sew the backing fabric onto the front to complete your cushion. You can choose how to finish it off by using a zipper closure, or do a simple envelope closure. Insert your cushion insert and you’re done!

Here’s another one I did for another cute baby boy!

Hamish final


I hope this was an inspiring and fun project. I’d love to hear from you if you make one!

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Winter in the Adelaide Hills

Well winter has been a long time in coming this year. We’ve had a really balmy autumn with year, so it’s been somewhat of a shock to all of a sudden go to some very chilly mornings. The kids absolutely love it though, and woke up the other morning to find everything frozen. Here’s the ice sheet my daughter lifted off the dog’s bowl…and frosty mornings lead to the most beautiful of sunny days.

Ice Sheet


So my thoughts turn once more to being indoors, and cosying up with sewing and crochet projects.

I made another Necessary Clutch Wallet, and added even more interfacing to this one. I learned from the first one that I made that it could use even a bit more, and this one turned out so weighty that it feels quite loaded with money already!

NCW 01


This is made from Japanese Chambray once again, and once again has some lovely Liberty fabric inside, and also as the piped edging and strap.

NCW 03


I also love how this is versatile enough to be your entire handbag, with enough room to hold your phone, and several extra pockets. The piped edging is such a classy addition that just hints at the riot of colour inside…

NCW 04

NCW 02


I’ve also had a lot of fun lately joining in with some Instagram challenges…This one has been from our very own Make Modern Magazine…the challenge is to make a mini quilt no bigger than 6″, and some of the creative entries are just breathtaking in their mini-ness. This one is done with classic Essex linen and Liberty tiny floral for a sweet look. I was very pleased how this one turned out, at barely 6″ square.

Make modern mini


And that little quilt along with this tiny little dress is a sneak peak at a very special project I’m working on, and will show you all next week hopefully! This tiny outfit is only 3″ high, and as you can probably tell, I am a complete sucker for anything miniature…

Dolly dress


I am hosting TGIFF here on Friday, and hope to see you all back here then to link up your fabulous finishes and show them to the world. Here is the button if you would like to add it to your blog…Hope to see you then!Pink signature


Nana Company Swap plus Free Button Card Download

A few months ago, I joined in a fun swap on Instagram. This one was called the #nanacompanyswap, and if you search that hashtag, you’ll find all the amazing work that was sent all over the world.

My partner was Anorina of Sameliasmum, and we had a lot of fun posting sneak peeks of what we were making for each other.

My initial fabric pull was leaning towards a very muted colour pallette, and I hmmed and ahhed for ages over what I was going to do. This still does look like a yummy stack to me, but in the end I decided I wanted a bit more colour…

Nana company fabric pull


I wanted to do a major project, and a few cute accessories that sewers always enjoy. My eventual decision was to design a zipper bag, which can be used for all sorts of things, and is even the perfect size for an I-pad.

Zipper pouch 01


I chose a variety of prints, some classic like the beautiful Liberties, one Milk, Sugar & Flower print, one from Amy Sinibaldi’s Paperie collection, and some from good old Spotlight. The sweet baked goodie squares are actually upholstery fabric…I’m always up for using the unconventional when it’s that cute…

Nana company sneaky peek 02

Zipper pouch 02


Amy’s Nana Company style is all about cute, stylish, and plenty of Zakka touches. I had no end of fun adding as many of those as I could think of…leather tags, lace, embroidered flowers, and cute zipper toggles. The piped edging adds a tailored look, and in my favourite aqua as well.

Zipper pouch closeup

Nana company sneaky peek 03

Zipper pouch lining


My extras were all Zakka as well…this Deluxe Pincushion is a cute multipurpose design that can hold scissors, binding clips as well as pins…very useful. I couldn’t resist adding the little sewing machine charm that I had on hand…it was just perfect!

Deluxe Pincushion

Deluxe Pincushion 01


I also learned on Instagram that Anorina was learning to crochet, so I thought she might appreciate some little flower coasters. I accented these with bullion roses, and thought they turned out rather charmingly!

Crochet coasters 01

Crochet coasters


And last but not least, my son designed a little button card for me, and I had the best time rummaging through my button jar, selecting just the right buttons to sew on to them…

I thought if you like displaying buttons like I do, you might like your own copy…here is the link. These work best printed onto heavier paper or cardstock, and backed with some cute scrapbooking card.

Button cards


So this was all packaged up and shipped off with bated breath…almost like sending off a dear child on a long journey. I fretted until I knew it had got there safely…and waited for my parcel in return…

Parcels are always happy mail aren’t they! Our parcels crossed and were delivered on the same day, so we both got happy mail together! It’s like birthdays and Christmas all at once, for no good reason at all :).

Here is the stunning work that Anorina sent to me…A hand pieced and quilted hexagon pillow, and sweet bunting that she hand quilted as well…the time and effort that goes into handmade are always greatly appreciated, especially from one maker to another. Anorina is such a perfectionist! The prints are just so pretty!

Nana company full reveal

Nana company full reveal 01


I just adore bunting, and couldn’t wait to hang it up in my sewing room. It add such a charming cottage look to a room!



So it was a very successful swap, and the best part is making a special new friend on Instagram!

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Crossroads QAL – Friendship Blocks

Crossroads quiltalong Friendship block


I’m still playing along with the Fat Quarter Shop’s Crossroads QAL, and still feeling motivated. Especially now I can see enough of the blocks together, to see that the colours and prints are going to look stunning together!

You can see my first two blocks here and here. The next block  they released didn’t disappoint, and I love how my fabrics look in this design, reminiscent of the economy block.

Friendship block 01

I love how each of these echo some of the colours from the one before it. The greens on the left are in the middle fabric, and the pinky red strawberries in the centre block are echoed by the reddy pink cherries on the right. It all suits my design style just beautifully.


My first block is the lovely cherries block, and is a Atsuko Matsuyama print for Lecien. Another thing I love is how the well the cream goes with the white background. Something a few years ago I would never have allowed. My tastes have definitely changed…

Friendship block 03


The next one is a vintage fabric that I’ve been hoarding for ages, and slowly using up. I had yardage of it, and now have only a half yard left or less :(. O well, I am being very brave and using it, as I would rather see it in a favourite quilt.

Friendship block 04


And the last block is quickly becoming a firm favourite. It’s from Fabric Direct, and has no details on the selvedge, but is another tiny floral which just so classic.

Friendship block 05


I hope you enjoyed my blocks, and I’ll try and do a mosaic of them all soon to show you what they all look like together.

Friendship block 02

Happy quilting!

Linking up with MCM

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Adelaide Hills Autumn, and a NCW

We’ve been having the most glorious weather in the Adelaide Hills this autumn, warm and very dry. The colours have been an absolute riot this year, and I’ve enjoyed capturing the beauty that surrounds us in this lovely little town. This was the very last lingering hydrangea flower on my bush, still doing it’s best…

Hydrangea and lace


I also grew another crop of miniature pumpkins this year, totally for the fun of it. These are anything but practical, as they are each equal to about one mouthfuls worth, but like many things they don’t have to have a use, just be beautiful…These are the Jack be Little variety, and are very easy to grow. They need to be for me anyway!

Jack be littles


And I finally achieved something I’ve been wanting to do for absolutely ages…I sewed a Necessary Clutch Wallet! A friend I made over on Instagram was my inspiration, her attitude is nothing short of amazing! And I am always grateful for the encouragement and friendship of people I’ve never met. Even though we may live half way around the world, there is a special bond.

Of course, there was nothing whatever to be scared of, and my machine made it through all those layers without batting an eyelid. It actually seems to sew thicker layers much better than thin ones.

I choose some gorgeous Japanese chambray for the exterior, and some lovely Liberty for the card slots, and a Cosmo floral for the zipper section. The secret to getting this to look really great is to make sure you don’t skimp out on the reinforcing. Everything has to be interfaced, your cotton fabrics will thank you for it and it will look good for much longer as well!

NCW flat

Wallet open 02

Wallet open 01


I loved being able to design this exactly as I wanted it, and I’m not sure why you can’t buy such a pretty purse in the shops…I’ve been on the look out for one like this for years! The contrast top flap is just sooo pretty!

Wallet closed 01

Wallet closed 02

Wallet closed 03

I’m already planning ways I can mod the pattern for future ones!

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Spring Bunny Amigurumi

Bunny and teddy 01

I have a new little cutie to share with you today…it’s a cute as cute little amigurumi bunny.

So no quilting again today, as I’ve been increasingly drawn to making cute toys for kids, and as you might have noticed from my last post. I haven’t made an ami for quite a while and it’s been far too long overdue…I LOVE doing them. The quilting bug is still biting me, so don’t worry, I’ve got plenty on the go!

This bunny is an adaption of the Spring Bunny Pattern by Josephine Wu. I’ve added a little ruffly skirt, and black shoes with smart bows on them.

Head closeup

Dress ruffle


Here she is with her precious little teddy, who measures in at only 3″…squeee!

Tiny teddy


I made this out of sock yarn, and a 2mm crochet hook so it’s a fair bit smaller than the regular pattern…I needed good light let me tell you. But it’s all worth it when it finally comes to life with a little face and personality of its own. The beads I’ve used for the eyes have a faint luminous quality, which makes it look vaguely possessed in the photos lol…but I can assure this teddy has the most angelic nature 🙂

Tiny teddy 01


Bunny and teddy 02


I’ve enjoyed learning new skills, and a new stitch for me this time round was the invisible decrease. The bunny is done with the regular crochet decrease, and the teddy is with the invisible decrease. Much better.

Bunny and teddy 03

Linking up this week with TGIFF, Woop woop Fridays,

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Gerbera the Giraffe

Giraffe 01


Today I’m showing you another version of Gerbera Giraffe, one of the lovely patterns from Melly & Me.

I really enjoyed putting this one together, even all the fiddly bits that make it so time consuming…this one is made in my favourite minty blues and greens, with touches of pink to make it feminine.

It is quite exciting as the stuffing goes in, to see it coming to life, and taking on a personality of its own.

Not enough stuffing


My version of this softie changes the pattern slightly. I reduced the size by about one third, but left the tail and ears and horns slightly larger, so the pieces were not so impossible to handle. If you are going to do this, remember that the seam allowance has also scaled down, so trace everything just a smidge larger so you can keep your 1/4 in seam allowance.

Rather than attaching the ears, horn and tail afterwards, I sew them into the seams to hopefully make them a bit sturdier for a younger, chewing baby.

Giraffe 02


I just slash the top of the head, and sew the ears and horns using the tiniest of seams, but making sure to reinforce them well. It doesn’t seem to change the shape of the head, and makes the assembly just that bit quicker…

Giraffe head


Here’s the tail sewn added into the back seam, without much change to the design at all. The stripy fabric and pink yarn add a really jaunty touch. I also sewed an extra stripe across the hooves, and love the little feature that it gives them.

Giraffe rear
The eyes are actually needle felted onto wool felt, and in the condundrum of how to do cute animal eyes, this was a new idea. I hadn’t done any needle felting for about a year…I’d forgotten that it’s so much fun 🙂 and I think they turned pretty cute!

And I’m really annoyed that I forgot to properly photograph the bottom of the hooves, as I fussy cut a tiny object for each of them, a butterfly, a bee, a cupcake, and a ladybird. They made it look sooo sweet, and I was thinking of how a child turns everything upside down and sees everything from different angles, they would be sure to notice them.  You can see a glimpse of them in the unstuffed photo further up.

Giraffe 01


This giraffe is off to a sweet baby girl…I hope she enjoys it…

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