Bunny Patch Pillow - New Pattern Release

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At last I can show you all what I've been working on for the last few weeks...my latest pattern called 'Bunny Patch'.I'm just so excited about this one, because it combines all my favourites at the moment...fussy cutting, patchwork, handquilting, and pretty fabric, all into one speedy and beautiful project! Did I mention budget friendly too?

Bunny Patch Pillow - New Pattern Release - Bunnies and blossoms fabric yummy stack

If you're newish to patchwork and quilting, the term 'fussy cutting' refers to cutting out a particular part of a design, to show off it off to it's best potential. Fabric designers are going to a lot of trouble to design fabric for exactly this purpose, and although it does involve some wastage of material, the final product is deemed worth it! But you be the judge!

Bunny Patch Pillow - New Pattern Release  - Fussy cut economy squares

For this pattern, I chose to showcase Lauren Nash's new line, 'Bunnies and Blossoms'. It's just full of the sweetest bunnies getting up mischief, and other cute farm animals having fun. The hardest part about fussy cutting is having to cut off some of the critters...there are ducklings in those seams that will never be seen! Boohoo.If you're a fairly new quilter, but would like to try a bit more of challenge, then this is the pattern for you...I rate it as a confident beginner, and have included plenty of tips to help you achieve a beautiful finish.

Bunny Patch Pillow - New Pattern Release - pdf pattern design

And I'm passionate about my pattern presentation as well. If you're tired of boring looking patterns with few instructions, then you can benefit from my nights of wrangling with the Adobe suite, and nearly gouging out my eyes in the quest for achieving a pretty pattern that is worth every penny.

Bunny Patch Pillow - New Pattern Release - perle 8 thread for hand quilting

This has the perfect amount of handquilting, if you like that sort of touch. A couple of hours work in front of the TV, and you're done. I love using perle 8 for a project like this, as the sheen just adds a bit more elegance, and really highlights those special fussy cuts.

Bunny Patch Pillow - New Pattern Release - the sweetest little nursery pillow
Bunny Patch Pillow - New Pattern Release - charming ties for a stylish finish

And did you spy those cute ties on the edge?? These take this pillow from sweet to very cute! And not a zip or button in sight...there's even instructions for sewing a custom sized insert if you can't purchase one.All of this can be made from a layer cake or charm square pack, plus a couple of fat quarters for the borders, ties and back. If you're hoping to do a lot of fussy cutting, it will require more fabric, as those pictures never will be in the proper place on pre-cuts will they? On the other hand, you can also raid your scrap bins, and make a really scrappy version if you'd like!

Bunny Patch Pillow - New Pattern Release - who's in your bunny patch?

This pattern is available in my Etsy shop, and is 20% off for the next 48 hours. Hop along over and get yourselves a copy!!And the only other question left to ask is 'who'll be in your Bunny Patch?'Happy creating!!

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