Flying Geese - Sunset Isle QAL (Row 2)

Feb 2023

Today I'm sharing my flying geese for row 2 of the Sunset Isle QAL designed by fellow Aussie Alyce Blythe of Blossom Heart Quilts. This was just such a fun row... I really enjoy the process of making flying geese, even when I can't use any shortcuts.Usually I would make 4-at-a-time, but as I'm working on different colour scheme, this wouldn't work. I actually made quite a few more than the pattern called for, as I couldn't decide on the final arrangement for a while. So I kept making more, and they won't go to waste.

Flying Geese - Sunset Isle QAL row 2 - rainbow geese

As this is a row-by-row style quilt, its quite hard to photograph these all at one time, so I'm trying to be creative! And my design wall is just too small, and won't even let me lay them all out in one go. So on to my main tip for making these look good: I always make my geese slightly oversized, and trim them down. It's the only way I can end up with a nice square and correctly sized block.

Flying Geese - Sunset Isle QAL row 2 - brilliant Liberty mustards and blues

I'm going for a shifting spectrum throughout the quilt. Even I can't see the full effect so it's a bit of a gamble, but I'm loving it so far!!These lush Liberty prints are so fun to add in, and some of these are still available from Ava&Neve. Several of these prints, including that brilliant dark blue with the orange and blue flowers were included with the January Society. It's such an affordable way to build up your Liberty fabric collection month by month.

Flying Geese - Sunset Isle QAL row 2 - Liberty Tea for Two

I've really enjoyed adding in some of my old collection as well, like that pink 'Tea for Two' print.

Flying Geese - Sunset Isle QAL row 2 - yes please I'll take Liberty mustard!

And I never thought I'd like mustard, but I'm astonished that it's really growing on me!

Flying Geese - Sunset Isle QAL row 2 - Liberty flying geese

So how are you going with your Sunset Isle? Are flying geese your friend or your nemesis?It's not too late to join in at all...we're only two rows in! You can see row 1 of my quilt here.

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