How to Make a Tassel in 7 Easy Steps

Today I'm sharing how I made those fun tassels that I added to my Kantha pillow corners. These are just so quick and easy, and in no time you'll have a gloriously chubby, swishy tassel to accent your pillow or throw.To make a 4" long tassel you will need:

  • yarn in various colours and weights
  • a 4" width tin lid or piece of heavy card
  • sharp scissors

I began by rummaging in my yarn bins for colours that reflected the themes in the front of the pillow. I was after a mainly white and light blue colour, with dark blue, pink and lime pops of colour.My selection included a range of different weight yarns, ranging from 4 ply (sport weight) through to a 12ply (chunky weight) for an interesting effect. I would have liked to also add some stranded embroidery thread for some extra sparkle, but I didn't have enough of the right colour on hand. If you look carefully, the pink and aqua yarns both have a sparkle twist to them, and I was happy enough with that. I had 6 colours that I used all up.

How to Make a Tassel in 7 Easy Steps - supplies

I used this tin lid to wrap the yarn around. I was after a really fat, long tassel, and this lid measures about 4 in. I found using a lid rather than just card made tying it off really easy, but a sturdy piece of cardboard or small book will also work.Let's get started!STEP 1

How to Make a Tassel in 7 Easy Steps - start wrapping

You'll be making this from the inside to the outside. So think about how you'd like the inside of your tassel to look. The colour you begin with will be in the very centre. It's a good idea to make a not of your colour order and the number of wraps you made, so if you are making multiple tassels, they will end up looking roughly the same thickness and colour.Start wrapping the yarn around and around. Don't worry about the loose tail, just let it hang down, as it will be trimmed off at the end. I did about 12 wraps to start mine. This will actually make 24 strands in the finished tassel, so remember that the number of wraps will end up being doubled. And don't you just love my manicure?? That's especially for you ;)When you've wrapped enough of the first colour, trim off leaving a longer tail.

How to Make a Tassel in 7 Easy Steps - next layer
How to Make a Tassel in 7 Easy Steps - third layer

Continue the process with more colours and wraps, trying to keep it roughly in the centre without spreading out too much.STEP 2

How to Make a Tassel in 7 Easy Steps - step 2 ready to tie off

When you feel you've got a nice fat amount wrapped, it's time to tie it off.

How to Make a Tassel in 7 Easy Steps - step 2 tying off
How to Make a Tassel in 7 Easy Steps - step 2 tied off

Cut two lengths of yarn 20 in long each.Flip the lid over, and treating the two lengths as one strands, wrap around the centre and pull and tie as tight as you can, going around the middle several times, and tying as tight as you can with several knots.STEP 3

How to Make a Tassel in 7 Easy Steps - step 3 cutting apart

Flip the lid back over, begin cutting through the centre with sharp scissors.STEP 4

How to Make a Tassel in 7 Easy Steps - step 4 tidying up

When it finally falls off the lid, you will have a Cousin Itt looking character!Hold onto the top of the strings, and shake out any loose yarn that wants to fall out. Give it a bit of a groom to neaten it all up.STEP 5

How to Make a Tassel in 7 Easy Steps - step 5 tying the top

Cut another strand of yarn 20 in long.Holding the top string in one hand, smooth out the strands a bit, and grab tightly in the other hand.

How to Make a Tassel in 7 Easy Steps - step 5 tying the top

Tie this tightly around the top section of the tassel. My ties are about 1 in down from the very top.You'll want to wrap and tie several times again, before knotting several times. You can just let the ends of this hang down and become part of the tassel, or thread them onto a yarn needle and hide them back in the centre.STEP 7

How to Make a Tassel in 7 Easy Steps - step 6 pulling down loose ends

Tidy up any unsightly loops sticking out of the top of the tassel, by pulling on the individual strands of yarn at the bottom. You're after a nice snug looking top.STEP 7

How to Make a Tassel in 7 Easy Steps - step 7 trimming the base

Now comes the fun part of tidying it up.Smooth all the ends down, trying to pull everything evenly. Wrap your hand around it tightly, and begin trimming small amounts off the uneven ends. It's better to do this gradually, so you don't accidentally make it too short.

And when you're happy with the shape and the length, you're all done! Pat yourself on the back, and make another one!

Here's the tutorial in a nutshell, for you to pin for future reference...and for instructions on how to attach them to your pillow corners, refer to this post.

How to Make a Tassel in 7 Easy Steps

I hope you enjoyed this quick tutorial, and feel inspired to add some tassels to your own Kantha pillow, or any project!Come and join the fun during of the #libertysocietykanthastitchalong on Instagram during January, and be in the running to win some beautiful Liberty fabric from Ava&Neve. There's heaps of lovely projects unfolding over there!


August 18, 2020


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