Mini Cathedral Pin Cushion


A quick and easy 1 hour mini-make featuring a classic cathedral window.

It's no secret that I adore a miniature of almost anything.

In Australia at the moment, Coles is running their Little Shopper promotion, where you can collect tiny grocery items when you purchase. Judging by their popularity with both kids and parents, it's clear that I'm not the only one who's a sucker for something miniature!

So the next Mini Make in my series that I've been working away on, is this pinnie pattern, and it's a cutie! 3" x 3" to be exact, and it's in the classic cathedral window style.

Mini Cathedral Window Pincushion - easy and fun 60 min project

I say style, because it's not made in the traditional way, and it doesn't involve starting with large pieces of fabric.


This one uses scrap sized pieces, and it's super easy.

Cathedral window mini pinnie - christmas mice

I'm calling this the 1 hour pinnie, but seriously, if you can get past the hardest part of this, which is choosing your fabrics, you can make this in 45 minutes!

Cathedral window mini pincushion - waiting for stuffing

The boxed corners are the fiddliest part, but even that is completely do-able. Because by the third one you'll be a pro lol!

So I'm rating this at a beginner level sewer, because it's all squares.

If you can cut a square, and sew a seam, you can make this!

Here's the radish thief looking quite deflated, but look at the difference once he gets some of the good stuff inside him!

Mini Cathedral Window pincushion - quick and easy project

I love adding a bit of rice to the base of my pinnies, because it just adds that extra 'presence', and stops it scooting away from you when you want to stuff a pin in.

Which lets be honest, is really annoying!

Cathedral window mini pinnie project - easy and fast cute project
Cathedral window mini pinnie project - sweet details

Seriously, the cute options for this design are endless, and I had so much fun going through my collection of tapes and ribbons, finding little extras.

Cathedral window mini pinnie project - easy and fast cute project kindred spirits
Cathedral window pincushion - easy and fast cute project

The stash rummaging is the best part, because it's like finding treasure.

I seem to forget what I've got really fast...seems to be the sad reality of this generation!

Here's those Kindred Spirits, Anne and Diana, forever friends, and the perfect size for this fussy cut.

There's so many combos that look perfect together, and each one is better than the last!

Cathedral window mini pinnie project - easy and fast cute project
Cathedral window mini pinnie project - a tray of little cuties

So here's my collection so far! As I was styling these I realised my pin collection is nearly extinct!

I almost own more pinnies than pins... they've mysteriously disappeared, and I need to replenish.

So which pinnie is your favourite so far?

And what fabrics would you use for your own? Let me know in the comments!

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