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How do you feel about bugs? I'm probably the same as the average person...

How do you feel about bugs?

I'm probably the same as the average person...bugs are ok in their own environment, and can even be fascinating in their own way. I like them to stay in the garden or in a photograph and not invade my personal space...

But bees, on the other hand, I tend to put in their own category entirely.

Once I'd seen a bee up close, up really close, with all their furry legs etc, they were actually quite endearing.

Somewhat like an ugly dog who is cute in their own way.

I'm also pretty sure bees are some of the hardest working creatures on the planet, they're incredibly busy creatures!

I've had the pleasure of being offered this new collection to sew with called 'Queen Bee' by the Devonstone Collection released and distributed by 2GreenZebras.

It's modern with a strong graphic edge, and super fun and quirky to keep you interested for a long time!

The mustard and butter shades are a beautiful contrast to the cream and blacks, and provide heaps of options for mixing and matching.

I think these hexagonal chicken wire prints are my absolute a good background print!

I don't sew a lot with blacks, so these stunning designs were a welcome challenge.

There's a couple of really classy ones that remind me of gold embossing I've seen at some super high end hotels, with quite a masculine vibe.

So I'm feeling like some boys/men sewing is definitely on the cards!

These are the solids that coordinate perfectly with this range, also from the Devonstone Collection.

Creams and beiges, right through to the mustards and olive greens.

This fabric was just begging to be made into a set of boxy pouches, as the strong graphics seemed perfect to show off this way.

So I've designed a completely new pattern, with three options for the piecing and three options for the zippers! So fun!

I know I love a good mix and match...

The first pouch features three colour blocks, with three coordinating hexagons appliqued to the side.

This one is my absolute favourite, because I'm so into the hexagonal theme. Maybe that's why I love bees so much!

This has the metal zipper with the tape sewn onto the outside, a bit unusual!

If you've never seen this done before, it's even easier sewing it to the inside, and encloses the raw edges really well.

I've used a self made bias tape from one of the striped fabrics for the zipper tabs, and added a jump ring for attaching a strap if wished.

The second variation leaves off the hexagons, but still has the three colour blocks.

I've quilted this with a rectangular pattern, and used some offcuts of leather for the tabs.

The zipper is installed in the traditional way, with bias binding covering the raw edges inside.

My third variation is made from a whole piece of quilted fabric, and features a contrasting green bias strip to bind the exposed edges.

I've used zipper tape by the metre, and installed two pulls, so the pouch can be opened from the middle.

If you've never seen the all the zipper options that tape by the metre can offer, you're in for a treat!

I've used some more leather offcuts for the tabs, and just love the finish that leather brings to the overall look.

So I'd love to know what you'd do with this fabric? And which pouch/zipper combination is your favourite?

I'll be adding this pouch pattern to the growing list of designs that are waiting for my time to turn them into an actual pattern.

Let me know if this is one that you'd like me to bump up the list!

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