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Apr 2024

Start here: The Smart Sofa Station pattern support hub

Say Goodbye to a Stressed Sofa

Hey there, sofa crafting enthusiasts! Welcome to the Smart Sofa Station pattern support hub :).

Consider this your golden ticket to a more organized sofa—no stress, just more of that relaxed crafting you need in your life. If you'd like to take this pattern from a mere idea to finished and sitting on your sofa arm, this is where you'll find everything you need to know.

This nifty design was crafted to tackle those annoying sofa stitching problems. You know, those problems that really irk you and steal your joy ... things like losing your scissors, or sitting on a needle!

What if you could streamline your workflow so that you could be more productive and enjoy the process so much more?

Let's talk about this pattern—destined to become your new crafting BFF.

Sewing this is all about boosting your calm, creative process as you remove that crafting clutter on your sofa.
Inside this pattern you'll find there are multiple pocket combos and options to adjust things for different notions and tools.

It's like a crafting playground tailored to your needs ;)

Whether you're a crocheter, hand quilter, embroiderer, or a needle craft enthusiast there's a pocket combo waiting for you, and I'd love for you to join the crafting party.

What's Included in Your Pattern

Included in your pattern you'll find instructions for:

  • a quilted base with magnets
  • 5 pocket combos to choose from that can be layered and interchanged
  • Flaps that can be included or left off
  • Clever hidden needle storage for safety
  • Snap on interchangeable notions
  • Magnetic Pincushion
  • Magnetic needle minder

You can also access these FREE printables to help you get started:

Mix & Match Your Pockets

Let me show you how this multi-craft organiser will literally transform your hand stitching experience.

This pattern gives you choices galore – there are 5 total pocket choices, each having different depths for different purposes. You get to choose the pockets you need and leave off the ones you don’t.

This pocket was inspired by the shape of the front of a pair of jeans.

The pockets can be stacked and subdivided for whichever notions and tools you need to store.

Here I've divided it into channels for crochet hooks.

The larger pocket above it is perfect to hold a pattern, an embroidery hoop, or just to pop your project in between working on it. Of course, this is not limited to any one craft - any craft where you find yourself with multiple parts and tools to store on the sofa will find this useful.

Customise your Workflow

The Smart Sofa Station magnetically attached notions along the top designed to snap to the base that you mix and match.

  • a pincushion which snaps into place to store extra pins and needles when in use
  • a magnetic needle minder which holds your working needle when you want to put it down but you're not done
  • a needle keeper, which has clever pleats to safely store these out of sight, under the little flaps

So when you’re done for the night, simply store your needles and pins safely in here.

Add-On Patterns

There are also two add-on patterns that make this even more functional for your needs. You can find these free tutorials here:

Don't forget if you still need a copy you can find a pdf version of the pattern in my store.

If you would like a printed version of the pattern, there are several shops stocking the paper pattern and also kitting the pattern with everything you need.

Product Support

When you purchsase the pattern you'll receive a series of emails to guide you through this pattern.

It's a little like a sew along, except you can go completely at your own pace.

And I'd absolutely encourage you to join the Facebook group for extra support, tips, and feedback. It's a fun place where you can ask questions and post your progress as well ... I know I love to watch a WIP develop and the ladies there do too!

Stick around as I’ll be sharing lots of tips in addition to the tutorial videos I’ve already made for this pattern.

If you'd like to get a head start you can find the YouTube playlist here.

Inside you'll find some comprehensive advise - everything from ideas on how to select a good mix of fabrics, different interfacings, tips for sewing tiny pieces, and of course how to achieve beautiful binding.

This Liberty version is stitched up in Liberty from Alice Caroline, who very kindly sent me a bundle to play with.

This was such a delight to make, and I love how it turned out. You can see what else I did with this fabric here.

If you have your pattern and are ready to get started head over to the next post - Fabric Pull Fun - Prep for sewing the Smart Sofa Station

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