Studio Makeover, Part 2

Aug 2020
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A couple of months ago, I showed you the beginning of our studio makeover, a room that has to be multi functional and shared by a lot of us still. That was a bit scary showing you the before, and pretty boring too, with lots of mess and painting pics. The result has been well worth it...Lots of fun was had by the kids, as we brought in the new furniture. They worked like champions, and even my youngest got into building flat packs, though we had to make sure we tightened all the screws before we sat on anything lol...and they found new hiding places as little miss will find any little hidie hole to read a book :)

Issy reading 01
Issy reading 02

We wrapped the desks around one side of the whole room, and it makes great use of that space. This is my sewing space...I've got the corner in front of the window, and it's just a gorgeous space to sew in! The light and airy atmosphere is so inspiring, and I can't wait to let my creative juices flow...

Machine and desk 02
Machine and desk 01

I've got my pressing board, right next to me, which makes chain piecing and pressing everything a breeze. The board itself I wish I'd made years ago. It's made such a difference to my seams. The Ikea drawers mean instant access to all my sewing paraphernalia. The joy of having a place for everything, and everything in its place is just's the simple things :)This cute rack is an op shop find that I spray painted white, and is really handy for my bits and bobs.

white stand

Around the corner on the wall I've mounted pegboard, and put up my own threadracks by gluing in small dowels. It's been great to see all my thread at a glance, and not have to sort through a big tangle which is what I had in a box previously. I'm not sure how well the dowels will support the larger reels of thread, as some of them have started sagging a bit. But I think if I use a stronger glue we'll be all good.The rope edging is a wooden molding that has been kicking around in our shed for over 10 years, just waiting for the right project. Yay! I think it sets off the edges really well.

Thread rack o2
Thread rack 01

I've loved adding lots of pretty touches, but the one I'm most pleased with, and took the most time was my cross stitch pegboard.It was tricky because the board was huge, and doesn't bend like this was not a relaxing project! I had to do it standing up, and constantly reaching my arm behind, and I could only do it in half an hour stages as it was very tiring. But it was economical, because I already owned all the yarn.

Cross stitch pinboard 01
Cross stitch pinboard 02

I'm still in the process of hanging things on it. It's going to be pretty art board style, with some tools on it, but not all practical, and totally changeable just by moving the hooks! The cross stitch can also be changed without too much effort, and like most cross stitch it looks better from a distance. So it's really nice to see it from the kitchen, which is a lot further away and you can see the design as a less pixelated image.This is my cube storage, a happy, jumbly mix of things, that almost surprisingly has become what things are at my house. A product of how much energy I have now :(. I'm constantly rearranging this when I find new things, and of course, buy more fabric!! I'm hoping to cover some boxes with nice fabric to make it look a bit more uniform...but energy and all that again :)

Shelves wide shot
Shelves side shot

My jars are all thrifted finds, and when I bought the huge pickle jar, the lovely lady in the shop was so excited that someone was going to make pickles...I didn't have the heart to tell her what I was really going to use it for!

Pickle jar

My little collection of Sevenberry florals, and other Japanese fabric is stored in a vintage singer sewing machine drawer.

Japanese florals drawer
Little drawers
blue fabric

This room is still not finished, but I'm far enough along in the projects I was working on, to show you most of it. It's working beautifully for us, and I'm really happy sewing in there, and feel so blessed by the light and airy space.And of course it's the special homey touches that I love the notes from my dear ones...

Ollies pic

And last pic for you...this was one of the first sewing projects I worked on in my new sewing space...this block was designed by Amy Sinibaldi, who has perfect design flair...It was a lot of fun, and I added my own touches. This little miss is my daughter as a toddler, with fluffy blonde fly-away hair, which would never stay in her pigtails...

Snug as a a bug 02
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