The Modular Fabric Box - Give The Gift of Re-usable Storage

Feb 2023

Gift a box filled with handmade goodness with the new Baby On Trend Storybook Vol 2 Fabric

Getting a fresh delivery of new fabric is always welcome happy mail, and this delivery was no different.

I had the great honour of being invited to join the showcase for Jemima Flendt from Tied With a Ribbon’s new fabric launch along with some fabulous other makers from around Australia.

The Modular Giftbox - Give The Gift of Re-usable Storage - Baby On Trend Vol 2

This is Jemima’s second collection printed by 2GreenZebras, in collaboration with Robert Kaufman, Baby on Trend Storybook Vol 2.

The colours are the perfect gender neutral palette, but of course are not limited to use for babies at all.

You can see the graphic nature of the simple grid  and geometric designs are perfect for any age and a whole range of uses.

I decided Jemima’s fabrics were perfect to showcase how versatile my Modular Fabric boxes are.

The Modular Giftbox - Give The Gift of Re-usable Storage - Made for Baby

Why not give the gift of reusable storage?!

The modern colours and simple lines are perfect for all ages, and I’ve designed a whole new set of gifting labels specifically for personalising your gift box.

I’ve filled a couple of boxes for baby gifts, a couple for adults, and collated a thoughtful array of items to fill them with.

I love how the world has gone full circle and handmade is trendy again. I sincerely hope this is movement is here to stay.

Mass produced items just have no heart and soul…and I do believe there’s nothing more personal and thoughtful than gifting something you’ve put a bit of yourself into.

I’m never short of a reason to give a gift.

I love gifting just for fun, because making someone’s day with an ‘I appreciate you’ present is fun!

But a new baby is always a reason to gift!

These boxes are a variation on the Modular Fabric Box, made with just two fat quarters, which if you’re a sewist or quilter you’ll have plenty of on hand.

The Modular Giftbox - Give The Gift of Re-usable Storage - Baby Girl Box Baby on Trend by Jemima Flendt
The Modular Giftbox - Give The Gift of Re-usable Storage- Baby on Trend,and baby shoes

Along with the Baby on Trend fabrics, I’ve used some Kona solids as coordinates…this mustard lining is Kona ‘Curry’.

I've included a new range of gifting labels with the pattern.

This one is a welcome baby label, with space to fill in the birth stats for bub, which can become a keepsake for later.

The new parents can then create their own label for the box and use for nursery storage.

The pattern is already updated with the additional labels, but if you’ve purchased this pattern previously, just message me and I’ll send you the update!

Another fun addition for this box is the ribbon tab sewn into the side seam.

Now isn’t that cute??

The Modular Giftbox - Give The Gift of Re-usable Storage - cute ribbon tabs

There’s a monkey on one side and a giraffe on the other. And of course the leather pull and rivet are completely on trend as well.

I had the happy gift of my first grandchild at the beginning of the year, and with every stage he goes through, I just want to make him all the things.

So let’s take a look inside this baby gift box I’ve put together here…I’ve styled two boxes, and lots of what’s inside work for both girls and boys.

There’s a mix of handmade and purchased items, and part of the fun is choosing what you’d like to make, and also have time to make. I’ve purchased some maracas to shake, and tiny shoes.

Then I’ve made a range of useful and fun items for baby.

The Modular Giftbox - Give The Gift of Re-usable Storage - burps cloth for baby

One of my favourite most useful items to gift is burp cloths. Some babies spit up heaps and others rarely, so when you do discover that your intended bub needs burp cloths get cracking and make a big stack! It’s great to know they’ll really be used.

These are fast and and super simple and just look great…I followed an easy tutorial by Dana from Made Everyday.

The Modular Giftbox - Give The Gift of Re-usable Storage - Pentagon EPP ball

Another handmade item I included is an EPP pentagon ball which features cute fabric with plenty for baby to discover, and is a safe and educational gift.

These are 1.5” pentagons, and you’ll need twelve of them to make a ball. You can also buy a jingle bell to go inside that are generally used for cat toys.

Last but not least, I tried my hand at designing a koala softie in the 2 hours I had left.

The Modular Giftbox - Give The Gift of Re-usable Storage - Some softies are scary

I had this tatty and textured whimsical creature in my head. Yep, how hard could it be??

Well it’s a lot harder than it looks! The line between cute and creepy is really really fine, and I’ll let you decide which side this falls on.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and let’s just say my kids didn’t hold back with their opinions!

The Modular Giftbox - Give The Gift of Re-usable Storage - Sew a softie

But incase you're interested, the details of the softie are as follows…he’s entirely made of linen in just two pieces, with a wool felt nose and eyes.

His ears and fuzzy chest are a creamy linen doubled up and then deliberately frayed to create the tatty look.

Big hand quilting is used as accent stitching around his body, and everything is securely sewn down, so he’s safe to give to young babies.

With the rest of the fabrics I had, I made a set of the smaller cube size, which are made from the interfacing off cuts of the larger baskets.

The Modular Giftbox - Give The Gift of Re-usable Storage - Crafty boxes

I've filled these with yarn and threads, as a fun gift for a crafty friend who loves to crochet or stitch.

Complete the look with a happy birthday label, or a mother’s day gift for your special mum.

Wrap in cellophane and tie with a ribbon. Done.

The Modular Giftbox - Give The Gift of Re-usable Storage - yarn over purl one

I’ve coordinated the grid print with Kona ‘Woodrose’ for a super pretty effect.

The Modular Giftbox - Give The Gift of Re-usable Storage - A stitchy box

So thank you so much again Jemima for inviting me to play with your fabulous fabrics.

This range is rolling out to stores across Australia, so go grab some and get creating!!

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