Sew-Along: The Sewing Space Station

Sign up for the sew-along of my latest pattern, the Sewing Space Station!

Join me and my vibrant community of sewists for an exciting sew-along and an inspiring journey — creating the Sewing Space Station!

Launched last month, my latest pattern is an all-in-one station and organiser designed to help you keep all your sewing gear in one place. For women with busy lives and little space to sew, or those who travel often, this is the ultimate crafting mat.

This sew-along event will span four weeks from June 19th to July 14th, with each week focusing on different components of this project.

  • Week 1 Sewing the Base
  • Week 2 Making the Front Tool Panel
  • Week 3 Putting it all together
  • Week 4 Crafting the Cargo Bay & PinPod

We have some awesome prizes lined up for sharing your progress and creativity thrives with inspiration, so you're encouraged to share on Instagram and give and receive support in my dedicated Facebook sewing community. You’ll be able to connect and share your progress in the group — find advice, suggestions and encouragement from like-minded women.

So, I’d love you to join us and take your sewing space to new heights of organization, grow your skills and confidence, let your creativity flourish!