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Liberty pincushion side

One of the projects I’ve made to use in my new studio, is a cute Liberty clamshell pincushion. It’s the perfect size to sit in the bed of my sewing machine, and carelessly ram pins into as I’m sewing small projects.

I’ve had a clamshell project on my list to make for a long time, and a few weeks ago I finally bought a template, and decided that this would be the perfect project. This liberty is courtesy of the lovely girls at  Ava&Neve, who always curate such beautiful bundles!


Cutting clamshells


If you’d like some tutorials on making clamshells, I’d recommend Sue Daley’s videos on english paper piecing…I used some lovely old crochet lace that I was given, and happily had clamshell shapes in it already to echo my clamshells. As you can see I got a bit lazy and decided to save fabric along my bottom row as I was planning on cutting off the bases.

quilted clamshells


I paper pieced the top, and realised how much I love this for accuracy…you just can’t beat it! I paired this with a gorgeous cream essex linen, and love how it ended up matching the lace…

Paper pieced top

liberty clam shell top and sides


I hand quilted around the top, and sewed it onto the side strip. This time I left off the last clamshell, and added that when I was finished the whole thing, but if I did it again, I would have added it after I’d joined the strip, and before I joined the base.

If you’d like a refresher on how to box the corners neatly, here’s the link to my butterfly pincushion…

liberty inside out


Here’s the hole waiting to be sewn up…and then nicely closed. Once again I filled it with a mixture of rice and polyfil. I just love the weight that rice adds, and the nice shape of the polyfil.

Pincushion sewing and stuffing 01


Here it is all completed, with a cute little bead added for a blossom. So…just wondering if there is any interest for a pattern for this pincushion??

Liberty pincushion closeup

Liberty pincushion front

Can’t wait to show you the progress on my studio, and all the other projects as they happen…my holidays are fast running out, and my to-do list is still painfully long!

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