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The Sewing Space Station

The Sewing Space Station

Discover the ultimate sewing organiser, for sewing on your dining table, or regular stitching expeditions across the universe. Keep all your sewing pieces together so you can quickly let your creativity flow.

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Base - Open 24" x 16", Base - Folded 8" x 16"
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Pattern features


Quickly create a self-contained sewing space to let your creativity flow.

When you're short on space, supplies are scattered and distractions crowd your busy day, just getting set up for sewing can feel overwhelming — to the point that you rarely ever sew. The Sewing Space Station is a single compact unit to help you keep everything you need in one place, and give you your own space where your creative soul can flourish.

The front tool pocket will keep all your essential tools within easy reach.

Can you imagine if you always had your tools right next to you while you were sewing? If you never lost your scissors again? To make organisation effortless, the station features a quick-access front panel designed to hold a wide range of tools. Sitting off to the side, this set of storage pockets is always within arms reach, while staying out of your way.  

Store notions, rulers, fabric, patterns and more with extra internal pockets.

How do you keep everything together when your sewing space is constantly moving? With built-in storage of course! Inside the mat, you'll find a range of spacious pockets that hold everything from tools and notions, to fabric, quilting rulers, WIPs — even an entire letter sized pattern! You can never have too many pockets.

Perfect your sewing workflow with detachable, interchangeable cargo bays.

Customisation is key when it comes to creating an easy, stress-free sewing workflow. Docked at the bottom of the front tool panel is a super useful pouch for small but mighty cargo — binding clips, thread, even your reading glasses? The list is endless! The best part is, you can make several to quickly switch out what you need for your current project.

Meet the PinPod —a portable, boxed and well-weighted pincushion.

What sewing station would be complete without a functional, portable space for your pointy notions? The PinPod is a charming four-patch, boxed pin-cushion that can zip around your station to be where you need. My favourite part is that it is sturdy and weighted, making it perfect for one-handed stuffing. Also, when you're ready for a break, it docks neatly in it's own special pocket.

Fold up and secure your sewing setup for quick storage and easy transport.

Whether you're clearing the dining table off for dinner, or you're about to travel to a class or retreat, you can easily pause your project, tuck your tools away and fold your station up — securing firmly with the closure ties. Then, simply store your compact Sewing Space Station or journey across the globe with everything you need packed inside!

Feedback & reviews


Love, love, love the Sewing Space Station! I had been looking for a sewing mat for my Featherweight for quite some time, so imagine my delight when Arabesque Scissors designs a sewing mat with tons of pockets, a removable notions bag and the cutest PinPod!

There’s so many pockets and details and I absolutely love the detachable Cargo Bay! It all folds up and ties up for easy storage and transporting and the second pocket even holds a stack of letter paper, so you don’t have to fold your pattern pages!

Thanks for such a fun, versatile, functional, and unique sewing mat pattern, Arabesque Scissors!

Lucy K.

The pattern is written very well. I would say I am a beginner in some of the items I made such as the PinPod.

As a beginner I wasn’t sure how to sew the stitching and where to start from and go around the top, sides and bottom. I do love the 3D image of that. People such as myself, that refer to pictures when sewing its very important as a pictures helps to read the instructions.

Kristy B.

I have to say, having the tools on hand in the front tool panel is just magic.

Lyn W.

The pattern is absolutely amazing and can be achieved with different levels of sewing experience. You can create it in a simple way by buying pre-quilted fabric and pre-made bias binding, or you can quilt it yourself fabric and make a patchwork version if you want!

Sabine D.

Supplies & materials


Fabric & Materials

Base & Front Tool Panel

  • ½ yd Exterior Top
  • ½ yd Exterior Bottom

Top Pocket Panel, Cargo Bay, Inner Tool Pocket, PinPod

  • ½ yd Exterior
  • ½ yd Lining

Flaps & Outer Tool Pocket, PinPod

  • ¼ yd Exterior (23cm x Width of Fabric)
  • ¼ yd Lining (23cm x Width of Fabric)

Bias Binding

  • ½ yd fabric OR 4½ yds (4m) ¾” (20mm) wide
  • purchased double fold Bias Binding

Closure Ties

  • ¼ yd fabric (23cm x Width of Fabric)


Notions & Little Bits

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Create your own special space to let your sewing creativity flow freely.

The Sewing Space Station will optimise your creative workflow and give you the freedom to continue your sewing journey no matter where you may go.

Instant PDF download
Clear, easy to follow instructions
Step by step video tutorials
Printable templates
Community support