All is Well Art Gallery Fabrics Smart Sofa Station

Feb 2023

My favourite Sofa Station to date is the one I made in the new 'All is Well' range from AGF.

All is Well Lookbook

I had the great honour of being granted some early access to the ‘All is Well’ fabric range by Art Gallery Fabrics and having a couple of projects included in their Lookbook.

This range was released a couple of months ago now, and I’m only just getting around to blogging about it now, but I couldn’t resist showing off what I made with you all!

This is a richly hued array of botanical prints, with vibrant reds, dramatic and classic tiny florals. Throw in some cute little flora motifs and you’ve got a collection that’s just begging to be sewn with! But who am I kidding – when I saw that tartan, I was all ‘where have you been all my life!?’ as that surely is the prettiest tartan in the history of ever.

I could immediately see these fabrics sewn up as a Smart Sofa Station, and this certainly seemed to be a good decision!

A Multi-Craft Organiser

If you’re not familiar with this pattern let me introduce it to you ...

This is a multi-craft sofa organiser, with options plus to customise to your own needs.

It's classy enough to be a decorating piece in its own right. You can leave it out on the arm of your chair knowing it will look gooood.

The base is quilted with pocket options at either end. I chose my favourite ‘denim jeans’ inspired pocket on one end and the double layered pocket on the other.

I find the pockets at both ends to be so practical. I love being able to hang my scissors in the top part and grab them easily. I stick my glue pen in one side and my crochet hooks, little rulers and fabric pens in the other side. The tiny pocket on the front holds my stitch markers perfectly.

The double layered pocket holds a paper pattern or two, whichever one I’m working on at the time. I switch between several projects sometimes, so it’s super handy to be able to grab what I need and keep them at hand. There's space for more pens, hooks or scissors.

I love how this design can multitask so well for me. It works hard so I don't have to.

All the Details

I’ve pieced the base a bit differently for this version to showcase a strip of those ‘shrooms alongside that gorgeous floral. I’ve also quilted this one a bit randomly, with irregular sized lines of stitching to give a more homemade look.

I love that rich bubbly texture! You don’t have to worry about straight lines or even stitches. Go your hardest and make it rustic!

The centre of the Sofa Station is where the fun really begins!

I’ve fussy cut all the goodness out of this fabric – it was too good to leave on it’s own!

The pincushion has cute 'shrooms on the top, and the classy tartan around the edge.

The needle minder makes great use of one of the flowers from the green print, and the magnets inside both of these makes sure they’re not going anywhere!

The Needle Keeper is my favourite part ever. This is where you put your needles to bed every night when it’s time to turn in.

Safely, out of sight, out of mind.

If you need to know more about what this gorgeous felt is, it’s woolen felt in the shade ‘Papaya’ from My Felt Lady.

Best felt ever.

I knew when I saw that tartan that it would need to have a starring role. In my opinion, the binding in a project is the lead of any production, and I think that tartan acts the part to perfection. So fun, so classy.

Here’s the flat lay of the whole project with all the fabrics labelled if you’d like to make your own.

And here’s the back, because if you’re like me you always want to know what’s behind.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this little look at my latest Sofa Station. You can find this fabric range at any good fabric retailer. Go check out the Lookbook and all the other amazing projects that have been made with this collection. I totally want to make that scrappy quilt that's in there.

I just might have another project in there too ...

This would have to be my favourite Sofa Station ever. I’m using it on my couch as we speak, every day. I love it.

Let me know if you make one too!

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