Make Your Own Liberty Liana Lawn Scarf

Feb 2023

This uses just 2 fat quarters of Liberty, making it super economical to look so good

I have something a little different to share today...introducing my latest pattern: The Liana Lawn Scarf.

When the new range of bespoke Liberties was introduced from Alice Caroline, I fell for it hook line and sinker. I'm such a sucker for Liberty!

Another thing I love is scarves...I have rather of a lot! So I was so excited when I realised that I could combine these two interests, and make a custom accessory.

These scarves are made from the Butterfly Garden range, and coordinate so beautifully.

But I wanted to show them off at their very best, and so I designed this fast a fun two toned neckerchief/scarf/bandana.

This uses just 2 fat quarters of Liberty, making it super economical to look so good.

I designed this with a mitred border edge going around the outside, and while this might look difficult, it's really not!

If you can start and stop sewing on a dot, than you can master this design.

Watch the video to see how easy it is to do!

The beauty of making it this way, is that all the raw edges are encased inside the seams, and you don't have worry about any fraying.

If you've never worn your Liberty Lawn, than you're in for a treat...this fabric has so much going for it.

It's soft, light, yet crease resistant, so it's perfect for a transitional season accessory.

Now you don't have to use Liberty for this at all...regular quilting cotton works fine too, but is just a bit more bulky. Other lawn is also fine to use, but will crease up a lot more than Liberty Lawn does. Liberty's a bit special like that!

So if you can get your hands on some Liberty, I highly recommend it!

I recommend these special pins when sewing with finer fabric like Liberty Lawn, as they help you achieve that perfect finish without any pesky holes that are left behind by regular sewing pins.

So I'd love to see if you make one of these cute scarves! You can find the pattern in my etsy shop.

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