Baby Chatbot - a modern quilt pattern

Feb 2023

Pull up a chair and chat with a Chatbot - sew your own modern quilt

Have you been following the development of my Chatbot Quilt pattern?

I'm so excited that this quilt seems to have captured so many of your imaginations, as that was exactly my aim.

This sweet pile of Ruby Star Social & Spark was the perfect fabric pull to turn into a statement quilt.

I've had a plan in my head for a quilt of this style for several years now. I'm a firm believer that we always come to things in God's perfect timing, and this quilt has been no exception.

Born out of the year of 2020, that so many started with high hopes, this design has been my symbol of hope as the Covid crisis has unfolded.

This arrangement of speech bubbles is a sign of the times...we've become separated but desperately need to keep communicating with each other.

We are innately social, and this quilt is a celebration of that...

We're chatting, we're texting, we're zooming and face-timing, and above all, we're helping the lonely and those who need help most.

We all have our up and down days.

Some times we're the ones in need of cheering up. Sometimes we're given the strength to help others.

It's lovely to look back on the photos that document the creation of this quilt.

You can see the glorious sun that flows and glows into my sewing studio on sunny winter days.

It's a glorious place to be!

So now we need to get to the construction side of this pattern...

Yes, those are curves that you can see there.

Rounded corners, bent edges. Whatever you'd like to call them.

They look scary if you've never done them before.

But you'd be surprised I'm sure, to hear that this year is the first time I've ever sewn a curve on a quilt block.

I still consider myself to be a curves rookie. And I've just written a whole pattern with them.

Because, really, truly, really, they're not scary.

I've made a series of videos that take you through making the curves in this pattern, using both the templates provided in the pattern, and the Classic Curves Ruler (CCR).

Follow along, because I really hope these videos inspire you to give this a try and learn a new skill.

Here's my finished quilt top, modeled so beautifully by my 17 year old son.

I just love it when they cooperate so sweetly ;)

This is my 'Baby' version, and it finishes at 51" x 51".

Generous for a baby quilt, its perfect for that baby that's just begun to babble.

It also makes for the ideal hanging quilt in your social area at work, or at your local quilt shop sewing area, or any clubhouse or area where you might gather for social togetherness.

Make it in anticipation of resuming normal life again...

You can make this quilt easily from your own stash, with just 7 FQs, and some background fabric.

See below for full fabric requirements.

If you're in Australia, you can find kits for this quilt and the larger Throw version at The Next Stitch.

We hope you like what you've mocked up for you...this kit uses Playground by Windham Fabrics for the bubbles, and Kona Sea Mist for the background.

You'll receive all three sizes, Mini, Baby and Throw, when you purchase the pattern.


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