July Liberty Society - Liberty Scrap Challenge

August 18, 2020

I've just got time for a really quick post today!

Don't forget to tune into the Liberty Scrap Challenge this month, and stitch along using up your Liberty scraps.

There are no rules for this sew-along. Infact you don't even have to sew. Use your creativity to come up with some novel projects that make precious Liberty scraps into something useful again.

Mix and match with other fabrics and mediums, and you can win some great prizes!

Here's a project that I started during last years challenge. It's a fun mix of patchwork squares, overlaid with pieces of Liberty cut out and fused. One of the qualities of Liberty is that its close weave means very little fraying, so raw edges do so well with this. I've been adding lots of big hand stitches in different perle 8 colours.


July's Society is celebrating the blues! We hope you enjoy creating with it, and may you always have scraps left for fun challenges in the future!

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