A Sunshine Inn Creator's Compendium

Feb 2023

Click to see the Creator's Compendium decked out in flowers, sunshine and relaxed vibes...

Introducing Sunshine Inn Fabric

Every now and then a fabric collection comes along that just puts a smile on your face and some warmth in your heart.

When Lysa Flower contacted me to ask if I would help promote her latest fabric collection, I knew this was one of those special ones. It's always an honour to be invited, especially being able to connect from across the world!

Like many of the creative endeavours that have happily emerged on the other side of c0vid, this is another example of beauty and hope arising out of dark places and believing that better times are yet to come. This range is produced by Paintbrush Studio who have a whole host of charming fabric lines to feast your eyes on.

If you're not familiar with Lysa's work, go check out her portoflio and see if there's something that resonates with you! Each one of her prints sparks a memory for me that's so special!

In Lysa’s signature style, she’s taken us on a journey through the 70’s and 80’s, celebrating summer road trips, motel stops and relaxing poolside. If you were a child lucky enough to have a Polaroid camera, there’s a fabric here for you!

The colours are bold and bright, with a gorgeous floral that I swear is similar to a dress that I had as a child!

Holding this print in my hands really transported me back to when I was 5 and my mum used to check if my dress was long enough by making me touch my toes and seeing if my undies ‘peeked’.

Exterior Details

Immediately, my mind’s eye could see these fabrics were perfect for the Creator's Compendium, the zippered planner cover which is my latest pattern.

I've gone quite out of character here with white piping paired with these bright and busy prints, also as a nod to the eighties where the loud fabrics were broken up with bands of solid colour.

And whilst shopping for zippers recently for the Creator’s compendium, I came across this rainbow zipper tape called ‘Pixie Dust’ which was just the perfect complement for all these colours.

I couldn’t wait to dive in to sewing another Creator’s Compendium, because I knew these fabrics would be amazing sewn up into one of these.

Also, it’s so fun sewing up your own pattern when you can finally just read the instructions and can switch off and sew.

I decided to make the first cover option, but seam two prints together, using the flower print ‘Vintage Floral’ as the accent and the main ‘Sunshine Inn’ print as the hero. They look pretty awesome together, especially with that cool pop of white piping down the middle and another one around the outside.

Making your own piping is such a great skill to learn! You're not hindered by the small range available at the shops.

But best of all is getting to use it in a project and seeing that custom effect emerge.

But of course, it's totally ok to use plain white if that suits your project, too! I've used the Painter's Palette Solids in 'Rice Paper' for this piping.

This project was also a good time to use a hot pink thread for top stitching. It's not too often I deviate far from white, so when I get a chance to be bold I love it!

So good!

The zipper facing fabric is ‘Groovy Floral’ and is my vintage vibe to a 'T' with the rainbow zipper tape. And all this loud fabric meant that a bold zipper pull was the next logical choice ... and isn't she a cutie!

I learnt the hard way that the rainbow hardware doesn’t cope well with extra heat from the iron, so make sure not to press it for any length of time.

Interior Details - All Those Pockets!

Let’s take a look inside … once again making those storage pockets was so satisfying with the fun prints to choose from.

The background fabric is ‘Popsicles’, and the large pocket is more of the ‘Groovy Floral’. I just love the notched detail on the pocket edge - that screams retro to me everyday!

The right-hand pockets are ‘Key Chain’ fabric which is another fun memory as I remember how fascinating those motel keys were with their unique branding. Remember how you could pop those keys into a mail box anywhere in the country if you accidentally forgot to return it before you left?

I always wanted to do that and see if it really worked!

The Prettiest Pencil Case

Once again, my favourite part of the whole project is the pencil case.

I can't get enough of cute zipper pouches and this one's just the right size to work really well for just a few markers, notions or stickers.

What’s not to love??

It’s just so groovy with that floral, that piping and the addition of my ‘sew more, stress less’ leather tag.

The lining is more of the light and bright ‘Popsicles’ print and makes opening your pouch so rewarding when you get a to see a flash of cool fabric!

I feel like this fabric collection really helps you achieve that chill but happy vibe.

The whole sewing experience was like a mini holiday,with a good dose of memories thrown in.

You can find this collection arriving in shops now.

Ask your retailer to order it in for you if you just have to have it!

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