New Year New Bag - Sandhill Sling Review

Feb 2023

Take a closer look at my Sandhill Sling bag with Liberty lining & the other mods I added...

Happy New Year everyone!

Like most people at this time of the year, I'm re-evaluating how I do a lot of things, and this involves some organisation.

Specifically the processes of how I use things, and whether some of those systems can be improved.

One of those things that was pretty overdue was a handbag overhaul.

I'm a fairly low maintenance girl (if I do say so myself) and only have one handbag.

Yes, as in only one.

The one I've been currently using is a Colorado leather bag which is pretty large and heavy, even when empty.

It's recently started to fall apart, and while I still love how it looks, the way I go shopping now has really changed.

It's a lot more online and when I go in person I generally want to travel light and hands free.

So I started to research backpack patterns, and started planning to make myself a whole new set up.

I knew that I wanted to use the canvas that I waxed all the way back at the beginning of last year.

I made a bag for my daughter out of it and a portfolio...almost a year to the day.

If you're not familiar with waxed canvas, it's fabric that's coated with a wax and paraffin combination to make it waterproof and more durable. It's delightful because it adds a leather like cracked texture to the fabric, without all the hassle of sewing with leather.

You can buy this ready waxed, but I had a go doing my own because there were way more colour choices that way.

I made sure to wax a huge amount of fabric, because waxing it was a huge job and I was pretty sure I'd never want to do it again! canvas bag

As soon as the Sandhill Sling pattern was released by Noodlehead Designs, I was smitten.

It was exactly the smaller size bag that I was after, and looked so cool to boot.

I had to wait patiently all year to have a couple of spare days, and all the hardware on hand to make myself a new bag.

I've always loved Anna's patterns.

They're extremely straight forward and well thought out and I love all the little extra notes she adds in to help you get the best results.

If you're familiar with the original pattern, you might have noticed I've added a few extra features of my own.

I've made my fair share of bags and pouches in my sewing time and am pretty familiar with how to add features I like.

And after all, if you're going to go to all the trouble of making yourself a bag, then make it exactly how you want! -zipper mods

This inset pocket on the front is one of the changes that I made.

I'm a girl who loves her compartments and being able to easily reach what I need. This little extra pocket is perfect for my keys, and means no fishing around in the main compartment. - Liberty Capel lining

I also seriously enjoy top stitching!

When I first learned to sew, and then learned to sew straight (probably when I was a teenager) I loved how adding beautiful top stitching to a garment or item just took it to the next level.

Since then, I love adding top stitching every chance I get.

So I added an extra vertical seam down the front of the bag, just so I could add in even more.

Inside the pocket you can see the first of the pretty Liberty lining peeking through.

It was a given that this bag was going to be lined with Liberty!

Seeing little flashes of tiny floral chic inside is so satisfying. I love being able to add that! - Liberty Capel blue lining is perfection

Another fabulous discovery several years ago was zipper-by-the-yard (or metre!)

This means that you can coordinate all of the zips on your bag exactly without the need to buy various lengths. You can also choose from a large range of pulls, from elegant to trendy. It's another way you can add a professional touch.

I chose the hardware for this bag to be the antique brass finish, and love the grungy look it adds. - double zipper for functionality

The top of the bag is a double zipper, giving you the option of only opening half the bag if you wish.

I added side tabs to each side so there's something to hold onto when closing. These are always a must in my opinion.

Are you ready to see inside?? - gorgeous wiltshire lining

This makes me sooo happy!

Some favourite Liberty Wiltshire, in a feminine-but-not-too-feminine shade that matches the canvas perfectly.

I've also switched out the elastic back pocket that was in the pattern and put in another inset pocket.

I just thought the way I'd be using this bag, the extra zip would be more useful. Liberty wilshire lining

I also interfaced all the lining (SF-101), and am so glad I took the extra time to do this. The little bit of added structure is great! - love that top stitching! - d-ring options

I also chose to add a D-ring on each side, making it doubly functional as you can switch the strap to wear on either shoulder. - I'm pretty pleased with this!

In short, I'm just stoked with how this turned out! The waxed canvas has exactly that feminine grunge that I love, and it's super easy to use.

The bag had its first outing today (to Ikea!) and I wore it cross-body as it's designed, and it passed with flying colours!

So comfortable, so easy to to grab everything, and just looks awesome! - Sandhill Sling by Noodlehead Designs

I hope you give this bag a go - I highly recommend!

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