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Jan 2023
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Welcome to my blog, sharing my passion for sewing, crochet and decorating.Here's a few of the past projects that I've made...Being blessed with a daughter after so many boys was a great outlet for my girlie side, which had long been buried. Thankfully she IS a girlie girl too, and appreciates pink as much as I do. I'm enjoying it while it lasts...


I was surprised when I started shopping around for little girl's bedding, that there was nothing that I really liked. So the solution of course, was to make my own. This is crazy patchwork, and the FMQing was a huge learning curve.


This is my Country Stroll collage, being my first go at needle turn applique. I definitely got better as I went along, and it was one of those project that I wanted to start all over again when I was finished, to make it better!

IMG_2784 copy

She loves all the little details.

IMG_2785 copy
IMG_2783 copy

This was the quilt for my daughter's cot, and was a stipple quilting nightmare. After completing about one quarter of it, I wished I'd never begun, because it seemed no matter how much I did, it never looked any more finished. But little by little it got done, and I was very pleased with the finished product.

IMG_2781 copy
IMG_2782 copy

And then there are the practical things that just have to get made, as I could never bring myself to buy one of these...We go through these rather fast in our family, as there is a LOT of hand drying that goes on, not all of it done with thoroughly washed hands...I love sprucing up this old staple by adding fresh colours. This pattern is a good old Aussie classic, Ribs and Shells, from the little book 'More Towel Tops', by Vicki Moodie.

IMG_2779 copy

Thankyou so much for stopping by, and I'd love to see you again as I share a bit more of my adventures!

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