Snips & Tails Mini Bucket - FREE Pattern Add-on

Jan 2024

Make your sofa crafting next level with the cutest bin to hold threads & snips


No one loves thread covered clothes, or a sofa covered in lint from fabric and little snips of fabric hanging from it.

It certainly ruins your vibe when you still have to make a little pile of ‘snips’ and dispose of it before someone else sits on it!

This has most definitely never happened to me before with a hubby, 6 kids and a busy grandson! ;)

Just in the nick of time, I thought I’d design a little thread catcher to partner with the Sofa Station and make it even more functional.

And because you’ve all embraced the Sofa Station with such enthusiasm, I decided to make this a free pattern to help you take your sofa crafting to a new level of relaxing with even less mess.

The Anatomy of a Thread Catcher

As I sat down to design this, I knew I didn’t want your typical run-of-the-mill bucket.

I wanted it to sit flush with the side of the sofa.

There are other circular bins out there similar to this and they felt, well, just very round. So to streamline this more I designed it with a semi circular base.

Snips & Tails Mini Bucket - FREE Pattern Add-on - cute semi circular shape

I love how it’s a bit less obtrusive because of its flat back.

And for a bin, it’s pretty cute.

After all, bins are meant to be seen and not heard. Perhaps not even seen?? But if you are going to be seen, then you might as well be cute

Snips & Tails Mini Bucket - FREE Pattern Add-on - quilted sides make extra charm

The sides of this are quilted, and there’s plenty of options here to add some hand quilting if you wish and also fussy the fabric to feature a cute print. The raw edges are bound around the top like the Sofa Station, so you can tie in your existing binding colours and match this perfectly. The lining base hides all the raw edges neatly inside, and I've got a cool hack for putting this in quickly and easily.

The strap is attached by sewing it to the inside, but you can ‘cute-ify’ it further by attaching it with a button instead. I want to try that on the next one I make!

Probably my favourite part of the whole Sofa Station design is the clever magnets that hold everything in place.

So, I had to keep this theme going with the thread catcher! This little cutie has a magnet in the top of the strap to attach securely to the other magnets, making it super easy to use.

Lots of Options

You know I love giving you options, so when I designed this, I decided I wanted it to function several different ways, as well as being easily detachable so it could be emptied when necessary.

Snips & Tails Mini Bucket - FREE Pattern Add-on - magnetic attachements for easy empyting

The flat back means it can hang at the front of the sofa arm, so you still have full access to all your pockets and tools. It can attach underneath the base, so you can still have your pincushion or needle minder on top.

Snips & Tails Mini Bucket - FREE Pattern Add-on - so many options - use at the front or sides of your sofa

Then if you’d prefer to have it hanging to the side, it can go underneath the needle minder or pincushion, and either at the front or back.

I’m kinda excited about how many ways you can use it!

Lots of options also means having a video tutorial to take you through how to make I've made one for you as well if you'd prefer to watch.

To grab the pattern simply click on the picture to download the file.

Snips & Tails Mini Bucket - FREE Pattern Add-on - Grab your FREE pattern

Remember a sorted sofa means you get more done, because there's a place for everything!

I hope you enjoy making this little cutie, and even more, enjoy using it.

Remember ... sew more and stress less!

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