Studio Makeover, Part 1

Aug 2020
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These school holidays we planned to freshen up, organise and totally makeover our studio space. I'm starting this year with high hopes of being organised in a lot of ways that will make our lives all run a lot smoother.Here's my daily planner, designed by my lovely friend Amy. I particularly love the colours she's chosen this year, because as you can probably see, I'm a blue girl through and through. With my tribe I need a good planner to stay on top of everything!


So I've tried to have a total rethink of how we will use this space. Redesigning the work areas has been challenging and fun. I would love to have a whole room to myself to create, but I actually am still sharing this with 5 others, one of whom is not there all the time. Sometimes I'm impatient about this, but it's all good learning how to get along together, and I know they will be grown and flown before I know it!Our needs are changing as the kids grow, and we are back to homeschooling again after a years break. My second son has finished his graphic design course, and is planning on freelancing this year, so he gets a fair sized corner of this space as well. So it was only natural to start afresh with new goals, a new outlook, and a new studio.My goal is to make this as much my space as I can, while still getting along with other's tastes, and not being totally, in-your-face feminine. Here's my inspiration mood board, and as you can see it's all aquas and blues.

Mood board studio

So along with the aquas and white, I'm loving that we can add splashes of other colour around as well. Here's a few of the paint samples on the wall, and as you can see it was originally a yellowy cream colour. Not very exciting at all! We had fun trying out different colours, and as usual it was very interesting to see how the colour in the tin was so different from when it was painted on the wall. Each colour also looked different in different lighting.My final choice was 'Mermaid Splash', by British Paints. That's the second from right in the picture.

Paint samples

Our before and during photos are pretty scary...I really had to psyche myself up about pulling everything out, as things always have to get a lot worse before they get better...and of course it doesn't happen really quickly like it does in the TV have to live with weird things in weird places for quite a while.

Studio mess before

Here's ds 12 having a go at painting...all of my tribe were really keen to help!

William painting

And here's our selection of furniture from IKEA. Not very original, but certainly easy to get a nice look on a budget. We loaded up our van with 270kgs of boxes!

ikea furniture

So things are coming along really nicely, the painting is finished, and things and already are a bit more back to normal. I'm on to the fun part of sorting all my fabric and supplies, doing a few more special DIY projects.I can't wait to show you the room looking a bit more finished!

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