Sugar Sweet Liberty Halycon Days Sachets

Feb 2023

The prettiest and sweetest range from Alice Caroline made into Cathedral Window cuties

Liberty Halcyon Days

Alice Caroline recently released a new range of bespoke Liberty prints and kindly sent me a selection to play with.

This range is called Halycon Days and if you’re like me and hadn’t heard this term before, halcyon means ‘a time in the past that was idyllically happy and peaceful.’

Don’t you love words that pack so much into their meaning in just a few short letters?

All I can say is, Alice Caroline have certainly knocked this out of the park with naming this collection! It’s romantic and evokes a LOT of nostalgia, made only better with favourite prints that have been recoloured and make you fall in love with them all over again.

Left to right we have Felicitie X Fairy Cake, Betsy Y LadyDi, June’s Meadow Dolly Mixture, Felicitie Y Sherbet, Betsy X Splash, and Capel Mint Choc Chip. Yum!

Easy Cathedral Windows

I’ve had in mind for a while now to create a larger version of my cathedral window sachet and this was the perfect opportunity to do so.

If you’re not familiar with my Easy Cathedral Window range, they’re a fun new twist on getting the clever diamond window without any complicated folding, fiddly hand sewing, and general overwhelm of lots of pieces.

In fact, there’s just one window, and it’s super fast and easy!

I never tire of drawstring bags - they're super useful!

They pack a big result into a small amount of work, with no zips, no fiddly bits – unless you want to add them that is!

This drawstring bag is fast and easy with a stunning cathedral window feature on the front, while still being roomy enough to carry a project and supplies.

Betsy Y Lady Di

This version is made in my all time firm favourite Betsy, with the name celebrating a lovely icon from the past. It’s super feminine, pretty and elegant print, and certainly brings all the charm of Lady Di with it.

I paired this with Betsy Splash for the casing, Mint Choc Chip for the window frame and I’ve chosen a (now vintage) flower spray for the window feature.  

I’ve lined this inside, with a gorgeous birdie print I found in my stash that was the perfect match. Sometimes stash shopping makes me giddy with glee when things match so well!

The drawstring for this pouch is a pair of pink sparkly shoelaces that came as a freebie with some shoes many years ago.

The little side tag decoration is actually a piece of elastic. It’s sparkly and bright and is the perfect bling. I was so excited when I realised this piece of elastic would work!

So what do you have in your trim box??

Why not go and look at it again with fresh eyes and you might find a whole new range of notions to add to your projects if you look outside the box! If you want to use elastic like this, be mindful of how easy it could fray and make sure to burn the ends to stop it fraying.

June’s Meadow Dolly Mixture

When I saw this print – all I could think of was the mixed lolly assortment I used to buy from the local shop as a child. It has that candy pink vibe of gelato, fairy floss and all things sweet!

I’ve paired this with a watermelon shade called Glenjade C for the widow frame, Felicite Fairy Cake for the casing topped with more Glenjade C as the accent.

This has the added interest of a leather strap and rose gold hardware, as this collection just calls for extra bling.

My window is a vintage Sarah Jane fussy cut. I had fun adding extra bunting to the ship for some more colour and interest.

Can you tell I’ve been having fun!?

The back of this bag is from Ruby Star Society ‘Birthday’ range, another stash find that was perfect.

I was experimenting with window sizes, and think I like the smaller one slightly better. What about you??

This bag will be releasing as its very own pattern very soon, most likely sized up even more to hold even larger projects.

If you can't wait to get some of these gorgeous Liberties, head over to Alice Caroline and treat yourself to some of this beautiful range now! 

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