Tilda Jubilee Smart Sofa Station

Feb 2024

Tilda has woven its way into the fabric of our hearts - come and celebrate 25 years!

This is year is such an exciting time as my favourite fabric line of all time turns 25 years old!

My love affair with Tilda began back in 2016 when I stumbled upon the brainchild of the talented Norwegian designer Tone Finnanger and her enchanting fabric collections.

If you have never visited Tilda's World, you're in for treat! There's as much fabric eye candy as you could ever want - free patterns for quilts and dolls and decor. It's delicious!

Tilda has captured the hearts of countless enthusiasts around the globe with whimsical designs, delicate florals, and timeless elegance. And today, as we celebrate the 25th anniversary of this beloved brand, I couldn't be more thrilled to be a part of the journey.

There was something about the intricate patterns, and attention to detail that spoke to my soul.

I embarked on a creative journey, experimenting with sewing projects and exploring the endless possibilities that Tilda fabrics offered.

The first collections I ever owned were Cabbage Rose and Memory Lane - I still have little bits of them left over too! I saved my pennies to buy these and then lovingly patted them and agonised over what I would sew.

From that moment on, I was hooked and I’m still in love with the brand today.

Tilda has remained true to its essence while continuously innovating and inspiring creativity.
To commemorate this special milestone, I embarked on a sewing adventure with Jubilee: the creation of my very own Smart Sofa Station.

This new line takes inspiration from the designers favourite collections across all of her ranges, recolours and resizes them for new possibilities.

Each print in the Jubilee range pays homage to the iconic designs that have defined Tilda's aesthetic over the years.

I selected the blues out of this range to sew with this time - and I love the finished result.

I've paired the range with the classic ‘teatowel range’ which is the perfect geometric calm for all the pattern.

I've hand quilted the base with a mix of machine quilting once more showing how this is a fun idea. The Perle 8 thread is in the shade 'Bouncy Castle' by Wonderfil. It's the perfect variegated thread with all the colours in it!

If you're new to this armchair craft organiser - I'd love to tell you about it!

If you're a person who loves to stitch on the sofa, but can’t relax amongst clutter, then mess is not your friend.

So what do you normally do to store notions and projects and patterns when you’re crafting on the sofa - the arm of the sofa was the obvious choice, being close at hand and usually available real estate.

So, I got busy re-imagining what useful storage would look like for me.

My solution for relaxed sofa stitching is the Smart Sofa Station, a multi-craft organiser that will literally transform your hand stitching experience.

There's pockets, slots, and a streamlined workflow that make you feel relaxed just by looking at it!

But can we just hear it for this pretty bird-themed print and the dramatic dark binding. I love it!

The highlight of Jubilee is of course the expos that Australia is hosting in Brisbane and Melbourne. It's a huge treat for this to be happening in our neck of the woods!

I hope you've enjoyed this version made in Jubilee. I’ll be taking this with me to the Tilda expo in Melbourne in a couple of weeks - and of course hoping to meet Tone herself.
Thank you for joining me in celebrating the 25th anniversary of Tilda—a brand that has truly woven its way into the fabric of our hearts.
I’d love to know which is your favourite Tilda range!?

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