STOP Wasting Fussy Cuts - The Easy Guide


A free printable to audition, mark and cut on pointe fussy cuts

Cutting a big hole in the middle of your fabric requires fortitude and bravery.

See exhibits A and B below.

Particularly note the devastating decapitation involved.

Can you just imagine that baby froggie's face when he looks up again?? - Fun fussy cut quote

And there's nothing worse than putting your big girl britches on and cutting that hole...and then realising it's not quite right.

I'm right there with you...I've cut more than my fair share of squewy fussy cuts.

Waayyy more.

If you identify with the swiss cheese mess that happens to your fabric when you fussy cut, then read on! - swiss cheese fabric

All of my Easy Cathedral Window designs require a fussy cut 'on pointe'.

As in, a square standing on tippy toes ballet style.

The issue with fussy cutting like this is that a diamond styled square fussy can be a whole different idea when it comes to centering an image. - perfect on pointe fussy cuts

On top of marking the size correctly, getting the design in the centre can be tricky.

And by centre, I'm talking about the optical centre of the image, which is not always the same as the actual centre.

If you look at the examples above, only the bottom left fussy cut has an actual centre.

All the others have aspects to them that mean you want to display them a little differently.

Do you centre the head or the body?

Should you centre vertically or horizontally?

To make things even a level trickier, the folding contrast border covers up some of the fussy cut.

And if you're going to cut out an image leaving behind a big hole, then you do want all the best parts to show in the final design.

So cue the Cathedral Window Fussy Cut Guide, designed especially for making this easier.

Watch the video, then scroll down to see even more info.

This window lets you audition, mark, and then cut out your fussy cut with confidence.

Download & Print - FREE printable

So firstly, download and print the FREE guide by clicking here or on the image above.

Check that your printer is set to 'no scaling' and that the scale square measures exactly 1" square.

Cut out the out square, then fold it in half diagonally and cut out the central shaded window.

Keeping it folded, cut out two of the little shaded slots.

Then fold on the opposite diagonal and cut out the remaining slots.


Open it out, and the Cathedral Window Fussy Cut Guide is now ready to go.

Find some favourite fabric, and start trying out images, prints and patterns that you'd like to feature.

You'll be able to see exactly how it's going to look in the finished project, whether it will fit, and where to place it. - audition without the risk

Can you see how this makes viewing so much easier?

You can move the window around until you're happy with the placement.

It centre won't always be where you originally thought it might be.

You Might Also Like - centre visually

Mark the Fabric

When you're happy that the image will fit nicely, and you've determined the placement, mark in each of the slots and each of the four points with a fabric pen. - mark image up

Then join each of the dots and lines together to rule up the on pointe square. - join up marks

Cut Out With Confidence

Now you can cut out all your cathedral window fussy cuts with confidence knowing they will be the perfect size, and perfectly placed.

I used this guide for all of the fussy cuts in my latest pattern, The Traveller's Sewing Book, and loved how it sped up the fussy cutting process so much. - cut out with confidence - cut out with confidence

Now go forth and fussy cut!

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