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It’s been a long absence from my blog due to life and some illness getting in the way. It’s nice to be back, and my very talented sons have spruced it all up for me. I have never stopped crafting, just not had much time to photograph it all.




This is my first foray into amigurumi crochet, and I don’t know why I’ve never tried it before. I had been thinking there were some mysterious stitches and language to learn, but no. It’s all just double crochet (single for you Americans!) and nothing else that I’ve discovered so far. If you can do a basic crochet stitch, you can make one of these.




So I searched etsy in search of some cute patterns…wow what a huge range! There are so many talented designers out there! I ended up selecting a couple by Julisowio, and made her ode to Fizzy Moon, that cutest of cute greeting card bears. Her patterns are clear and well photographed, and I found this one simple enough.

He’s made with Spotlight’s ‘beetle’ in 8ply (dk weight) which is a 50/50 cotton/poly blend. I love using this yarn, as it’s got just the right amount of ‘give’. I substituted a heavier weight than the pattern required as I also wanted him to be a little bigger. Next time I will go down a hook size as think the stitches could be tighter.

The felt is for his paws and face is 100% woolen felt from hollandfelt in the Netherlands. This is the most gorgeous felt I have ever used, and now I can never go back. It’s so thick and luscious. The stitching is in brown embroidery thread, and is just eyeballed to make a tatty, cobbled together look.




He’s got a little hat and scarf which I designed differently to the pattern, in denim, red and green stripes. Yes, stripes are fiddly, as there are so many ends to sew in, but the result is worth it. I was going for a preppy, nerdy look. I don’t know, sort of Fizzy Moon goes to college.




He’s another gift for a gorgeous toddler, and I will find out just how well I’ve sewed the limbs on! Hopefully Fizzy survives been thrown around and having his hat ripped on and off…

Hope you have a great week, and give amigumuri a try! I’d love to hear how you go.