Crafting Gift Bags with Poppie Cotton 'Finding Wonder'

Mar 2024

Sew some handmade magic this Easter with the new 'Finding Wonder' collection by Poppie Cotton

Introducing Finding Wonder

In the world of crafting, there's something truly magical about diving into a new fabric collection, each pattern and print sparkling with creativity and wonder.

Poppie Cotton's latest collection, 'Finding Wonder,' by Sheri McCulley is a treasure trove of inspiration. It's bursting with colour, darling motifs, and the most adorable tiny florals.

There's happy little baby birds, addictive stripes, and a colour palette that pulls together a wonderful range of prints to mix-and-match.

When it comes to sewing and crafting, I love making easy gift bags that hold the promise of joy and delight for precious little people—because when you make the gift from scratch it's that little bit more special!

The Pink Baby Cathedral Sachet

I've sewn my Baby Cathedral Sachet pattern in 3 different colour ways, each slightly different, but all featuring the joyful chick in the feature window.

Then I filled these sachets with treats and started snapping!

My favourite ways of customising these are to add ribbon tags into the seam for a pop of fun, and adding a beading tassel to the ends of the drawstring. These beads come from my inherited bead collection from my hubby's grandma, so they are pretty special!

These little gift bags are fast to make, and you can tailor the fabrics and style to the intended recipient - of course I'm thinking tiny hands here, but I would not be averse to receiving one of these myself!

These make a great little bag for a sewing kit - don't forget the treats here too!

The Minty Baby Cathedral Sachet

If you are looking for way to spice up your makes with something different, by not try adding different sorts of drawstrings - different ribbons, lace, or even leather cord. There are plenty of narrow trims that will work for this and will add a lot of charm.

This green version would have to be my favourite!

I just love the minty freshness of it - I'm thinking peppermints, mint chockie, all the mintie flavours!

I've finished these off with some even larger beads on the ends of the tassels which add a great weight and presence.

The Candy Striped Baby Cathedral Sachet

Last, but not least is the the beautiful candy striped pouch.

I love this version with the happy little bird accidentally up the wrong way, lol. The cute thing is, she's not sad about it at all!

The pink ribbon tag in the seam is another fun find on Etsy, where you'll find all sorts of great ideas to use for things like this.

Do you ever wonder about what the inside of a project looks like? I know I do!

So here you go - take a peek inside!

These are from the Blooms & Berries basic by Poppie Cotton - the perfect lining fabric choice.

I hope you've enjoyed this little slice of inspiration - It's available worldwide right now - look for it at your favourite LQS.

The collection is well worth adding to your stash — but not for long! You'll want to be sewing it into something beautiful asap!

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