Scrap Busting Sunday - A Scrappy Project Round-up

Feb 2023

Let's dive into our scrap buckets this month and make some great 'free' projects!

This month Molly and Mama and I are hosting a fun hashtag on Instagram this month called #ScrapbustingSunday.

This is to encourage each other to use our scraps, and we’d love you to join in!

Share your favourite scrappy inspiration, your past scrappy makes, but most all make something out of your scrap bins!

Lauren is sharing some of her ideas as well, and while we know sewing is totally a reward in itself, we have organised some sweet prizes to giveaway, including fabric bundles, craft kits and scrap bags.

This is the bundle of Tilda Birdpond that I'm giving away! Head to Instagram to enter!

So as I ponder some new scrap projects for this month, I thought I’d share some of the reasons sewing with scraps is so exhilarating to me.

I love the feeling of being able to dive into my scrap buckets and rediscover those beautiful old treasures that I’ve left in there.

It’s like meeting old friends who really understood me all over again and finding the spark is still there.

HINT: To make sure you feel like this about your scraps, don’t keep scraps that you’re really not in love with.

You’re very unlikely to ever use them. Re-gift them to someone who sees them as beautiful!

There are different facets to why sewing with scraps is so awesome to me...

Scraps are 'FREE'

I'm always excited about the ‘free’ nature of them. They don’t cost me any new money, and there’s something so soul refreshing about that.

It feels like a small kind of accomplishment before you even get started.

I've always had a super small fabric budget which until recently was actually zero. I used to save my birthday money, and sell unused household items to raise money for fabric - true story!

Then it was a case of agonising over what was the best use of my $$$. So my scraps were also very precious, and already paid for with much careful thought.

Now I'm still super careful with my fabric buying, and make sure I'm going to make good use of it.

But the scraps are still precious!

A built in backstory

I also love the fact that what you’re going to create with them already has a backstory.

It’s half vintage already because you’ve already made stuff with those fabrics, and thus they each have a little bit of their own history that they bring to the table.

I like to think about each one as I use it and remember what I was doing, what I was making and even the music I was listening to.

They're like little personalities on their own, that altogether make for a super interesting family.

Delicious possiblities

I see them as boxes of untapped possibilities.

And finally I love diving into my scraps because seeing them all squished up together brings out new and exciting colour schemes, patterns and ideas that I never saw when they were simply separate and used as a whole fresh piece of fabric.

It’s like turning the kaleidoscope and seeing the pattern re-invent itself completely fresh.

So when you’ve got scraps to burn, why not make a plan to start using them?

Some of my favourite projects have come from my scrap bins…and I’m looking forward to creating a lot more.

So here’s a round up of some of my favourite scrappy projects from around the web.

You can't ruin a scrap!

There’s something freeing about using fabric that is already leftover, already cut up and oddly sized.

The weight of using ‘brand new’ fabric is lifted.

Does anyone else here feel that pressure!?

There are no mistakes here where you’re going to ruin the good fabric if you cut it wrong.

While you can ruin a scrap project, you can't ruin a scrap, and that's comforting and confidence inspiring!

Without further ado, let's get into my favourite projects to make with scraps.

Try my Un-Pearably Cute mug rug tutorial, and check out this mug rug where I dared to quilt with leather!

Un-pearably Cute Mug Rug

I love this clever potholder tutorial from SewCanShe

How about this cute as mini quilt from Fabric Mutt...another fast make that can also double as a mugrug.

Heidi has a big range of small scrappy projects on her blog.

Fabric Mutt

Paper pieced projects are another of my favourite ways to use small pieces.

This is my Belle foundation pieced mini quilt in Liberty fabric from Ava & Neve. It was a perfect way to use up tons of scraps. Grab the pattern from here.

Threadbare Creations

And another favourite tiny make is Jitka's rose block...just love it!

Jitka Design

I'm a huge fan of scrappy pincushions, pouches and placemats.

Pincushions are small, highly useful and extremely giftable to another sewing friend.

I like to weight mine with a bit of rice or similiar in the base for extra 'presence'.


Pouches are my absolute go to scrap project, as there's something about a zip that just says 'clever'!

But of course once you master that scary zipper installation, it's not such a bogey man, and you can make them with confidence. There's something so lovely about a unique zipper pouch that no one else will ever have!

This QAYG style pouch from Sotak Handmade is one of my classic favourites to make.

Sotak Handmade

Heating pads are used constantly in my family!

I think at least one of us is always aching from something...

Try this easy heating pad tutorial from Apple Green Cottage. This is easily put together from small pieces!

Apple Green Cottage

And I have a bunch more links to share with you, as I haven't even got started on scrappy quilts!

I'll be back soon with more updates!

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